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I want to be a Preschool Teacher and I'm one class away from being certified. I keep getting vibes from family and friends or even the general public/tv that it's not valued as a career choice. I really like working with kids and like being creative and I think it fits me well. What is the general consensus... show more

Best answer: hospital or church, medicine or prayer, airplane or donkey, cell phone or angel messengers, computers or scrolls, reality or spirituality, veterinarian or animal sacrifices. I choose science

Preschooler adding on 1 more,?

4 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: I assume you are also teaching her social skills, language skills, music & art skills, scientific skills, etc. I won't cover those here. Here are some things to work on: - Counting and quantifying - Basic understanding of addition and subtraction - Recognizing, sequencing and creating patterns - Sorting and... show more

Why are people so rude?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: FB is not a place I ever go near, NO WAY. ;-(

Are dogs thots?

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Best answer: No. That is a human concept. For those who keep asking... And I had tonuse urban dictionary to look this one up before... Thot is a ghetto slang term for "That Hoe Over There".

Is 14 grown up 👧🏽?

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Best answer: All the ******* way

What is cyberbullying?

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