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Why is Superman so trash?

11 answers · 6 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Superman, DC comics in general are just trash? I’m just not fascinated at all by a man who put “man” after the word “super.” I feel like he’s a hack, I don’t find it fair that someone can draw energy from the sun while other heroes (not specifically from DC) have to work hard and train... show more

Best answer: Most often, good looking people dont bother with the petty bullshit..... ugly people are very insecure

I'm a chain smoking 15 year old?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I sell drugs aswell please help me

Best answer: inbreeding , it coarsens features and accentuates defects both internally and externally

Best answer: Of course. They are aware that it can. In fact, most smokers -- over 90% -- never develop lung cancer. They are far more likely to develop other smoking-related health problems. People usually start smoking when young, when they believe they are immortal and are not thinking in the long-term. By the time they can... show more

The girl belives that she hasnt done anything wrong and free of sins (that are her own words). I'm an atheist so I'm confused on this. Believe in god and worship him and you can do whatever you want. I call it like I see it with that girl so what is this? Fake??

Best answer: Yes, what are you? 11 or 12? Everyone knows this.

Why aren't the leftists complaining about the national emergency of drug overdoses?

Best answer: Cancer is a cell dividing out of control unrelated to growth or repair. The idea of heat causing a cell to do this could actually be a real thing. However, the body's internal temperature is monitered and controlled by the hypothalamus and for that reason it seems unlikely, unless you have damage already... show more

What happens after we die?

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