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Best answer: They don't do that any more. They just toss your overboard.

Best answer: There are only two classes of US Navy aircraft carriers are they are very similar in size and displacement. RCI has many types and sizes of cruise ships, so a comparison cannot be made without being more specific about which type of RCI cruise ship is being compared to. The biggest RCI ships have a displacement... show more

Best answer: A 30 foot Rawson is about as seaworthy as they get. Look for the pilothouse version. Or the the 32' Rawson. Both are massively overbuilt full-keel fiberglass sloops good for blue water sailing. .Not fast by modern standards bit brick-shithouse-solid.

Best answer: Too many if's If the Iceberg had not been there she would not have sunk and all new ships thereafter would have sailed without enough lifeboats. Therefore Titanic saved more lives than were lost by making sure all future ships had sufficient lifeboats.

Best answer: Not now I wouldn't.

Living in a sailboat, thoughts?

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I'm 23, I want to be free and go where I want when I want. And living in a home just doesn't suit me. My other idea was to live in a travel trailer but I realized I love to fish and dive too much to spend my life on the road. Has anyone ever lived on any sort of vessel for an extended period? Was it worth... show more

This is something I've always wanted to do, however I am not sure where to go to get the necessary supplies, or whether it's better to buy blueprints or use blueprints found online.

Best answer: Remove the plug and hand crank it repeatedly until there is no more water coming out of the chamber. Purge all the fuel lines and the fuel tank. If it is a 4 stroke, change the oil. Spray starting fluid on the chamber and put a new plug. Try to start. If it starts and dies, reinstall the carb (after cleaning... show more

Best answer: one with good heating... COLD AS HAIL DOWN THERE

Best answer: Hope he isn't hungry

Best answer: Live-aboard policies are quite variable in the U.S. ( the only area I have some familiarity with ), In general most marinas do have some live-aboard slips BUT those slips tend to be already filled with waiting lists of several years in most areas and statewide in places such as California where the government has... show more

Best answer: [When laws are first established they have to contain what will soon become outdated limitations, read on in the regulation. [*] What they mean is a "Responsible ADULT must be in command, when a child is operating a motorized vessel over 11 feet in length.] Untrained Children cannot be trusted. The law... show more