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Hello everyone you good ? I am about to have a scholarship but as you know they ask about Passport copy beside College transcript & TOEFL test so my picture in passport is clean , clear and I look nice and elegant but I have little bit of beard so will this affect the situation by getting rejected because you... show more

So back when I was in High School (5 years ago) in a suburb somewhere in Iowa, I barely knew this foreign exchange student from Izmir, Turkey. Today I was walking in a random, small shopping mall in a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey and I couldn't believe it but I recognized this girl, and we both stared at each... show more

Best answer: Depends on your country of citizenship & where you go to school. For medicine, ALWAYS study in your country of citizenship to ensure your best chance of passing your country's medical exams & qualifying in your country. E.g. for Americans, there are no longer enough residency positions for all the... show more

Best answer: From what has been shown on the news, including and especially that university student from the U.S., Otto Warmbier, who returned home to the U.S. in a vegetative state after having sustained "extensive brain damage" in their custody and then died, perhaps you may choose to forgo Korea right now.

Hello guys I m a foreign medical student currently planning to move to the US in March 2019. I m considering living in Chicago while study and prepare for my medical license exams.. Do you think it will be possible to find a job "like in a restaurant or something that doesn t require a degree" within a... show more

I live in the uk. Am under 21 I study hair no but hate it it’s there anything I can get into abroad? Even a cruise etc Serious answers only

I moved to spain recently with my whole family and am currently 16( I do not like it here much) and my parents decided it’s okay for me to go back to the uk when I’m 17 to go to college. But have no idea what help or if I’m even able to live alone at 17. I have no family in the uk to live with and really want to be... show more

I am going to miss her a lot. She is 20 and I'm 13, by the way. But anyways, I've never been gone from her more than 2 months. She is going in January, and is coming back in May. Going to Spain isn't that much of an option, I have never left the USA before and I am not good at eating, so I probably... show more

Do I not pay my fees before? I have read the application form on UCAS but I can't really see through the system (since they even ask for deposit for accomodation which does make sense but I got confused with the loan)

I hate doing exams will level 3 or degree level apprenticeships have a lot of exams like university

I'm in 10th grade, and I always study sooo hard before all my tests, and I still can't get straight A's!!. I get a lot of C's and B's. It's really unfair, because my friends don't even study that much and they can easily get straight A's. I don't get it, I don't muck around... show more

So I'm not going to waste time i need another person's advice on my situation...i'm a 20 year old guy from european and my dream is to study abroad in a eastern country but my parents dont have the financial means...i go to my city's college and still live with them, im proactive so i came up with... show more

Can I Study Abroad with Braces?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Consult with your orthodontist first, before getting braces, You would need to research costs for upkeep in Germany. I would assume the doctors would need to consult, which shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age.

Beginner lessons for spanish?

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Best answer: Even "baby books" - the read-to-me's for very young children - would likely have simple past tense. But start looking for "baby books" in libraries (public libraries) to start. It will help you develop vocabulary. And if you are in a college-level language course, you should be getting to... show more