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Poll are you a feminist?

18 answers · 18 hours ago

Redhead news reporter?

18 answers · 22 hours ago
how would u rate the looks from 1-10 of this red head newsreporter? will choose best answer

Best answer: Get plenty of sleep and rest. Learn to relax and calm your turbulent spirit. Budget at least 9 hours out of every 24 for doing NOTHING. If you're not sleeping, then just lie there resting quietly with your eyes closed practicing calmness and relaxation.

Best answer: i wear socks

Best answer: Depends how it is said. Sugar coating the truth is always nice.

How has hijab changed your life?

8 answers · 21 hours ago

I’m about 110 pounds, 5’2” and my waist is like 25 inches. My bra size is 32 b. Hmmm also I’m a “pear”

Best answer: Agree, lots of girls are jealous of each other, and lots of guys are too.

Am I ugly with shaved head?

7 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: Yeah a little. He probably doesn’t even know her personality and hobbies. Unfortunately most people these days judge us by our looks.

I am looking for a reputable clothing sites like Forever 21 or David's Bridal. Not sites like Wish, Amazon, Boohoo or SheIn. I'm looking to spend no more then $200.

How do I make myself need glasses?

14 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: You shouldn't ever try to do that but if you wore someone's glasses that weren't your prescriptions it could mess up your sight enough that you might actually need glasses. Again, I think this would be really dumb and I would never recommend this.