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Is she ugly n old looking?

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Not just in White majority countries. Even in Black majority countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Why is this the case? Is it related to "evolution"?

How do I learn how to sew?

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Best answer: 6 and that's very honest

I get the thought nail polish protect the nails from breaking and I also have the thought nail polish dries the nails. Which or what is it?

Is she gorgeous?

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Best answer: beautiful

Best answer: that says an awful lot about the shallow person and nothing at all about the supposedly ugly girl who has had a lucky escape in being blocked by Miss Shallow. She doesn't need a friend like that.....and neither does your twin. Perhaps Miss Shallow is friends with her because she has the kudos of being a twin.

Best answer: I take a bath once per day and wash hair daily. It helps me wind down to go to sleep. Others prefer a morning shower or bath to help wake up. It is strictly a personal preference, there are NO rules. Those who work in a smelly environment or work outdoors may want to clean up before leaving work.

Life is far from fair?

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Why was I given the bad life and my cousin was given the good life? She is drop dead gorgeous, small forehead, tanned, skinny, symmetric face, she has loads of friends, constantly called beautiful, she has the rich parents, her own small make up business, another job doing makeup in a retail shop, she has a car,... show more

Is she too hairy looking?

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I wanna hear your opinion on this

So I am 16 and I drove to walmart to buy some shampoo and get some fake nails (cause I can't afford to actually go get my nails done hence being 16) so im in the aisle picking out which kit I want and this couple probably both around 20 are buying something and the girl says ugh wrong aisle this is where little... show more

I have the perfect face?

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