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Best answer: use makeup wipes and facial cleansers and toners theres tons of options out there

Would lilac or lavender colored lipstick look good on dark skin women yes or no?

Best answer: Do good and good karma to him. Doing good karma will make you more beautiful. May all die best and no fear no suffering when time really comes

Best answer: I've used quite a few different mascaras and I personally find that the max factor ones are quite good, as are the 2true varieties (from Superdrug). However, a neat trick I learned online is that the main difference between different mascaras is the wand that comes with them, not the actual makeup itself.... show more

Can radiology techs wear makeup?

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Best answer: Depends on the look or the outfit. I don't like that dusty nude look where girls ran concealer over their lips, but corals, nude pinks and nude browns can be really pretty. I like glossy nudes but matte, bold reds.

Which is the best anti ageing cream u have used, post 40. No paid gimmicks pls

Which is the prettiest loo?

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Best answer: The second one. Also, why did you ask which is the prettiest toilet? I'm asking because "loo" means "toilet".

I'm 30 years old, and have never worn makeup in my life. (does chapstick count?) I've decided to start, but have no clue what to do or what to buy. I'm completely lost. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

How do I do my makeup?

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I’m in middle school, so I want it subtle. I don’t think I’m very pretty.. honestly. That’s why I want makeup. But the only makeup I have is mascara and foundation that is slightly darker than my skin. I could maybe steal some of my moms, but she doesn’t have lipstick or eyeliner or anything fancy like that. And if... show more

I’m going to a festival on Saturday and I don’t know what colour eyeshadow to do??? It has to match my khaki top, I’ve tried doing green/blueish eyeshadows and they just make me look stupid as they’re too green and dramatic. What colours would go with khaki??? Any answers will help.

Best answer: Bleach would do a better job then hair colour remover. Use bleach with 20-30 vol developer, no higher then 30 vol, or you can fry your hair. Read the directions on the bleach a few times before you do it, even watch a few turorials on you tube. I would just use bleach and get a toner (if you your hair turns yellow... show more

Best high end mascaras?

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I really love minty lip glosses/lip balms because they smell nice and they make my lips feel plumper and they give my lips that burning sensation. Any suggestions? Thx