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Do you prefer Riley as a male or female name?

18 answers · Baby Names · 22 hours ago

If you had a child, what would you name it?

34 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago

Celeste or Catherine?

16 answers · Baby Names · 14 hours ago

Is a parent allowed to stop their kid playing a sport?

12 answers · Parenting · 4 hours ago
If a child wanted to play football or boxing but the mother or father wouldn't let them would that be allowed?

Sean, Shawn, or Shaun?

18 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Girls name that starts with E and goes with Elliot?

15 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago
I'm having twins this summer, one boy and one girl. I know we're going to name the boy Elliot Michael and the girl _____ Marie. We want the girl's name to start with an E and go with Elliot. Any suggestions?

Doyle for a boy s name? What do you think?

10 answers · Baby Names · 12 hours ago
For my first born. What are your thoughts?

Thoughts on the name "Caroline"?

12 answers · Baby Names · 13 hours ago

Clara, Madeleine or Polly?

33 answers · Baby Names · 5 days ago
Expecting first child, cannot decide between these names. Please could you rate them first, second and third and give reasons? Clara Lily Madeleine Emily Polly Kate/Polly Elizabeth Thanks!

Would you name your child "Morgan"?

13 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes. Pretty name!

Help! Almost 5 year old still uses a bottle and pacifier!!!?

11 answers · Toddler & Preschooler · 1 day ago
My daughter is going to be 5 next month and still uses a pacifier and a bottle. She ADORES them. She goes all day at preschool without the pacifier but as soon as she s home she wants it. I ve tried everything to get her to give them up, but nothing works! She just throws a massive tantrum if she can t have it, and... show more

Which girl name is prettiest and why?

20 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago
Aurora Emmaline Rosalie Summer Pearl Charlotte/Lottie Please say your opinion on each! Thank you x

Cassia, Eva or Elara?

15 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago
Best answer: Cassia sounds like an elegant princess name