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Best answer: Ninefinger fvcks farm animals.

Best answer: If he doesn't lose his keys.

Best answer: No,but the munchkin that owns it wolud truly appreciate it.

Best answer: I'm not sure,but the cops surely don't have a hard time telling.

Best answer: Both suck ballz

Why are americans so rude?

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Best answer: My family bought me one of those when I was ten. If I hadnt used all my paper route money to buy them tombstones with earlier dates, we would't be here wondering why I have antennae at all.

Best answer: Does it matter? You are entitled to laugh at whatever you find funny. Some people laugh at accidents and tragedies.

Marry me I'm lonely?

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Do you have Easter Eggs?

7 answers · 4 hours ago
Best answer: Bought 4 for my grandkids.

Best answer: #1 don't get an erection #2 don't stare

Which girl is the prettiest?

7 answers · 8 hours ago
Best answer: I'd be happy to date any of them.

Best answer: let's just say she had more of an oral fixation.............

Best answer: I push my dlck into my mashed potatoes to put the pee in them. This is surprisingly effective at ending problems with people bugging you for some of YOUR potatoes! Plus it's one move, you're done with dinner AND masturbating, and can spend the rest of your evening drinking heavily,... show more