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Best answer: yes you can still get ticketed. even for driving slow, its a hazard to the people around you who are going the speed limit, don't drive on roads where the speed limit is more than 5mph over how fast you can go.

I'm replacing the carburetor on a motorcycle of mine, I have no idea what it is and I can't find the model number anywhere online. I'm going to buy a different carb off amazon. What do I have to look for to ensure it'll fit and run right? Is there anything other than the inner diameter?

Was just thinking of all the bikes I've owned over the years, thought about asking others. Here's my list- Started by riding on the back of my uncle's HD at 9 yo. Rebuilt a home-made dirt-scoot with a B&S engine at 13. First new bike- Honda Super 90. A Greeves 360 Challenger (fun bike). A... show more

What is a motorcycle Derby Cover?

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I see wayyyy to many youtube videos of bikers splitting lanes in traffict and then when someone merges they break a mirror and start road raging. Why are some like that?

how to unclogg rear carb ?

3m tape, or clips, or something else

Best answer: Hi so the clutch cable needs some adjustment as the clutch cables do stretch over time.

Changing motorcycle oil after winter?

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quick question. i changed my oil 10 weeks before i stored it. put about 900 miles on the oil color looks decent through the window. bikes been chilling in the basement room temperature. do i really need to change it before riding. serious question. i know on manual says once every 12 months but idk i hear things... show more

Best answer: I made my own cruise control for Goldwing and put a similar one on Suzi 650. hose clamp and a L bracket from hardware store, position short arm of L bracket close to inside, long arm pointing inward but slight up angle so whhen resting wrist on top the throttle is turned about 1/4 open, cruise is about 50 to 70-... show more

Carburetor diaphragm needle?

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My carburetor does not run right despite having opened it up and cleaned/synched it. It is a Kawasaki EX250 (motorcycle) carb, twin unit, and there are needles coming from the diaphragm that guide the slides. On one of the carb bodies, there is a small brass fitting that the tip of this needle goes into (it sits... show more

Best answer: Fine for urine not so good for solids.

I m trying to decide which to buy between the Honda Vision 110 or Yamaha D elight 125... I ve sat on both bikes. I ve found the Yamaha to be more comfortable to sit on, and has more storage space under the seat, but the Honda apparently does more mpg, and I slightly prefer it style-wise. Which would you choose?

It is a 2008 with 6300+ miles. I have it serviced every year, and it has never had any major issues.