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Parents won’t upgrade WiFi?

14 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: A local network is called a LAN, Ethernet was twice as fast as Wi-Fi until Wi-Fi Mesh arrived; That uses both of the free frequencies , 2.4 and 5 and all of the channels allocated which is a lot and so is much better. Regards, Bob UK.

How the hell do i get wifi?

14 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: To get WiFi, you need to buy a wireless router designed for home use. Power it up and configure it as you want it and it will give you WiFi. If you want access to the Internet, which is a service that can be carried over a WiFi connection or a wired connection such as Ethernet, then you need to sign up with an... show more

I know dynamic IP addresses are temporary and change consistantly but why do they change and what are they used for?

I have to switch my home internet connection to an employer-provided WiFi connection in order to use my laptop at work. But does this allow them to see what I do online? If so, can/does this only happen when I'm on their connection, or will it also work when I'm home and on my own WiFi connection?

2 lights are present but not all the others like it should. Thoughts?

Ok so i don’t have WiFi at my house, we have a house phone that is not plugged up, I’m wanting to get WiFi, I live in sunbright Tennessee, does anyone know what company to use and how much it will cost to get WiFi, and then how much it would be each month. please help!!!

My office is an outpatient mental health clinic. My therapists need remote access to the LAN network there to access Therapist Helper, which is installed on a main computer and shares data over the LAN using a Helper Server Administration tool. My CEO doesn't want people directly remote accessing computers,... show more

Best answer: You won't need to buy a whole new router, just buy a Powerline Ethernet kit, it'll extend your wired internet as far as the far corners of your house.

How do I live with bad wifi?

17 answers · 1 week ago
I just move into the country and the WiFi here is straight up terrible. I can't watch hd videos nor play online games. What do I do? I am super depressed

Best answer: Use a VPN (virtual private network) which encrypts data to and from your computer will be a great improvement. Opera does this for free, various other browsers will charge you but may be better. A VPN will also allow you to be in any location in the world, so if you wished to watch Fox news from Europe for... show more

Best answer: In the simplest possible terms: The MAC address is used to route packets on your Local Area Network (LAN). That's all you need for LAN routing. IP stands for "Internetworking Protocol". That's what you use to get your data routed BETWEEN networks, like from your LAN to the wider Internet. I... show more

Best answer: It will make the connection from your PC to your router faster (and more reliable). However as the router connects to satellite internet, you're probably out of luck - it's intrinsically slow due to the way it works (it's more the latency really).

There is a problem with a driver on my pc. It's an Ethernet Controller. It says PCI bus 2, device 9, function 0. This devise is not configured correctly. (Code 1). It doesn't list any of the driver's details. I tried uninstalling it and restarting my pc. When starting it back up, the new found... show more

My mom doesnt have much money, she just wants the cheapest way to get some kind of wifi in ger apartment. Just so she can check emails, facebook, watch Netflix etc.... I told her about the Fios no commitment box but that is a no go since she already owes Fios from a while back. Basically, I would just like to know... show more

What would be the easiest way to get wi-fi in my man cave/garage. It is out of range of my router even with an extender. I do have an ethernet cable and a switch to run a desktop and a playstation. Is there a device made for this or can I just hook up another router to my switch?