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Best answer: One of the real advantages of Ethernet over WiFi is if you are playing online games. WiFi is a shared half-duplex interface. Other WiFi users will cause interference. Also, WiFi shares the wireless spectrum with other users. If a near neighbour has a WiFi network and they are doing a large download, then it can... show more

I was wondering with a wireless router can i hook up my mac and ps4 wired from the wireless router while also using my iphones and ipad wireless from same said router?

What is my ssid on this computer?

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Best answer: "Forget" only clears the entry from your phone. If your employer's network does any kind of logging, or even retains DHCP assignments, they can find out. Don't violate company policy if you want to keep your job.

Do I buy a new router or does my ISP?

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Okay, I know this is probably a stupid question but I have to ask. My roommate just washed our router with water because it "looked dirty" and now it predictably doesn t work. I know we need a replacement but I m not sure if I m supposed to go through my isp or just order one myself. And if I do have to... show more

I was banned from this forum and created another account using a VPN. They realized it was me and banned me again. I emailed them saying I will continue violating their ban. When I emailed them I was on my work's public wifi, which anyone can connect to. My question is, would they try to contact the internet... show more

Hello, I have a VERY PETTY housemate who thinks he is god and restricts my Internet. I rent a room in a house near my college with a bunch of other students. One of the guys there is in charge of the WiFi. When he gets pissed off he uses his admin privileges and turns off the Internet or restricts it on just my... show more

They are predicting that robots will take jobs from humans in the next 20 years or so, and they will take over everything Are you afraid at all??

Wifi question?

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I will be going to college and moving into a dorm soon. At the dorms they have a public wifi network that everyone will using but they also have ethernet ports in the dorm rooms as well. My question is if I bring my own Asus rt-n12 router and connect to the ethernet port and have it be my personal wifi instead of... show more

How do I connect to wifi?

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hey y'all, i can't go on tumblr and stuff like that because of my school's wifi. Websites like are blocked for being an "anonymiser". And before you say "you're at school to learn yadda yadda" i go to a boarding school and i like to do things like browse social media... show more

Do ISP have issues with VPN's?

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I live in a large apartment building and internet is included in my monthly rent. I use an ethernet cable plugged into the wall to connect my laptop to the internet. Lately I've been seeing a lot of youtuber's I follow advertise various VPN services on their channels. Having a VPN seems like a good idea in... show more

Best answer: You need an ISP connection. Wireless broadband needs an ISP's ethernet connection to work, it doesn't work via wireless. It takes an ethernet and broadcasts a wireless signal for your wireless clients. If you don't have a ethernet connection (wall) that gives you a network, or an existing modem... show more

Best answer: Wireless is easy, but lead to problems. As you notice. Wire is ALWAYS better. Run an Ethernet cable from the router, through an outside wall, up and around to your room on first floor and back in. Once you have a full speed connection upstairs, you can connect to your PC, or to an Access Point to give WiFi to... show more

Best answer: Satellite services will have one big problem for many people - ping time or lag. For a satellite to have a reasonable ground foot print, it will probably be orbiting at an altitude of at least 10,000 miles. At that height, response times to events triggered by a ground based user (a normal home user), are likely... show more