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So anyone have thoughts on DOOM eternal?

8 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 3 days ago

Best answer: While you can use both CCleaner & Disk Cleanup, it's NOT RECOMMENDED to use them at the same time... mostly because they're going to be going over the same & will effectively step on each other's toes, causing your system to slow down until one of the stops running (either killed by you or it... show more

Any good ps2 games?

5 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago

Why do i have a fear of inserting discs into anything?

6 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
I have an immense fear of inserting any type of disc into any station I have to video call my friend and run out the room once inserted and close the door i m unsure why thing is and I just would like to know why.

Looking for an old pc game?

8 answers · PC · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: It hasn't really but those at the top need to realise us at the bottom put them where they are so maybe hand a few more sweeties down? Sometimes they do to be fair.

How do I play mac game discs on a PC?

4 answers · PC · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Dual boot with OS X or with a mac emulator.

Can I sue Sony for stealing my idea of a PlayStation 4?

4 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
Back in 2012, I was playing PlayStation 3 and thought I could make a better playstation. I had an idea to make like a new playstation with better graphics, bigger games, but then in like 2013 sony announced playstation 4. THEY STOLE MY IDEA! Can I sue them for infringing on my idea of playstation 4? Or could they... show more

I recently bought a used Xbox One for my kids who want to play Overwatch and Minecraft. Now we currently have a Wii U system and they can play Minecraft online without anything other than our internet connection. We just recently bought the Minecraft game for the Xbox One and it tells us to use it online we must... show more

Woiuld you consider playstation 3 still a new console?

12 answers · PlayStation · 1 month ago

My headset wire. Please explain how to fix or show video that where it looks like mine

How do I earn Playstation 2 for free?Someone give me?

5 answers · PlayStation · 1 month ago