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Best answer: you cannot make a bootable disc without a boot image. Windows discs have one built in. here is a guide:

Best answer: Well, I'm a power user so my experience probably wouldn't be relevant to most other people. So I will relate from someone else's perspective. I used to help an elderly gentlemen, a friend of the family, with his computer. He had been using Windows XP, then switched to Windows 7. He had a lot of problems... show more

I'm 12. voreaphillia is a fetish of eaten / being eaten whole

Turn on Windows Defender UPDate?

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Best answer: Is it pirated copy or legal copy? Reason for this question is: (1) pirate copies always act like this. Pirate copies are hacked, which means the software is broken. There is no fix (2) if it's a legal copy, when was the last time you installed your updates for it? For legal copies, what you describe is... show more

Best answer: Some email programs have a "Sent" folder. Look if yours has one. Not sure of how it might have worked if the sending "never happened" or "was not accepted" or "servers were busy". I don't think keystrokes are in a log without installing a keystroke logger (a form of... show more

Best answer: Set up a paragraph style to have the second (and subsequent) lines indented. Then use this style for for the references. Some word processors have a style for APA and MLA formatting already built in, but, if not, then you can design the style yourself, and make it available for future use.