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will it overheat and will it cause damage if i leave my desktop computer running overnight, then continue using my pc through the day tomorrow without turning it off? i have a windows 7 custom built desktop computer.

I have a Chromebook and I like it but I kinda miss having a Windows desktop. The only reason I haven't bought one is because I keep thinking desktops are on the verge of becoming obsolete yet they still sell them. I don't know what I should do. I don't wanna get one and then regret it and then be stuck... show more

Best answer: 7.87 inches is a more precise value. Alexa will be giving you the value of 7.9 because it's been rounded up

What could be the possible reason for my slow pc?

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My config 4 GB ram Intel core 2due E7500(I know it a very old processor). AMD 6670 1 GB GDDR5 450w psu Intel g41 motherboard 320 gb hard disk My pc is around 7 year old I am running Linux manjaro xfce edition and just do little surfing and programming stuff in c and java only But recently I have noticed it is... show more

How much storage is on a sd card?

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Buying a new laptop for school. Looking at the vivo book, but would take any suggestions between $600-$800.

How to transfer data from old hard drive to laptop.?

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I've got an old PC tower (Windows XP) but it won't turn on anymore. I just bought a USB to SATA adapter (as pictured in the link below) to transfer the data from the old PC hard drive onto my Windows 7 laptop. I tried plugging everything into each other and it seems as though my laptop recognizes that... show more

Best answer: That's what cloning software does. If you select all of the drive to be cloned you will get an exact copy of it on the new drive you've selected to receive the clone (assuming the new drive is big enough).

Why is my laptop randomly shutting off?

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Best answer: Maybe the computer settings are set to forbid other computers from seeking access to your computer. That happened to me when I bought a new laptop. The security settings were set to maximum and every time I tried to connect to a video site the computer turned itself off until I lowered the computer's settings.

Where can I get a hard drive for a iMac G3?

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Is the humidity bad for my laptop while I m in the shower?

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Computer Monitor Keeps Going Off, Why?

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HDD beeping?

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Best answer: uh, HDDs don't beep. BIOS beeps are the only BIOS on startup. probably a fan overvoltage warning. one of your fans may need replaced. find out which one is running fast and replace.

Do they make laptops without the camera?

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