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Best answer: One of the real advantages of Ethernet over WiFi is if you are playing online games. WiFi is a shared half-duplex interface. Other WiFi users will cause interference. Also, WiFi shares the wireless spectrum with other users. If a near neighbour has a WiFi network and they are doing a large download, then it can... show more

Question about using a wireless router wired and wireless?

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I was wondering with a wireless router can i hook up my mac and ps4 wired from the wireless router while also using my iphones and ipad wireless from same said router?

What is my ssid on this computer?

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Best answer: "Forget" only clears the entry from your phone. If your employer's network does any kind of logging, or even retains DHCP assignments, they can find out. Don't violate company policy if you want to keep your job.

How you can increase your site traffic?

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My Compoter wont tur n on ?

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So today I got home from school and I saw my dad doing something on my computer and it sounded like a adult TV show that had inappropriate stucf but I don't know what to do because I think he like got a like virus onto like my compoter bit I'm confused and don't know what to do please help.

Does best buy sell routers?

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ASUS Laptop CPU?

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I own an Asus X Series laptop. The label states that the CPU is almost 2.2 Gig. The BIOS states is is only 1.6 Gig. I'd like to crank it up a bit - namely to about 2.2 Gig - but there does not appear to be any option for this in the BIOS settings. The machine was bought as "Refurbished". Asus X... show more

Is a chromebook better than a laptop?

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I'm in college and I need a new laptop, because mine is basically falling apart and I keep getting rebooted with that bluescreen thing every couple of ours I will basically be using it for assignments, essays, possibly online tests and occasionally gaming and watching youtube

Do I buy a new router or does my ISP?

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Okay, I know this is probably a stupid question but I have to ask. My roommate just washed our router with water because it "looked dirty" and now it predictably doesn t work. I know we need a replacement but I m not sure if I m supposed to go through my isp or just order one myself. And if I do have to... show more

I started talking to a guy I met recently online and we exchanged cell phone numbers. I was careful not to share my personal details with him; no pictures, he only knew my first name, and the state I lived in. A few days later he claimed that he had found my facebook profile because I came up as a suggested friend.... show more

I was banned from this forum and created another account using a VPN. They realized it was me and banned me again. I emailed them saying I will continue violating their ban. When I emailed them I was on my work's public wifi, which anyone can connect to. My question is, would they try to contact the internet... show more

Petty Housemate restricts devices WiFi. Please help.?

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Hello, I have a VERY PETTY housemate who thinks he is god and restricts my Internet. I rent a room in a house near my college with a bunch of other students. One of the guys there is in charge of the WiFi. When he gets pissed off he uses his admin privileges and turns off the Internet or restricts it on just my... show more

He wants to do a budget on all our spendings?

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So I’m 29 Been with bf nearly 4 years, lived together 2. So he all of a sudden wants to do a budget and keep track of all our everyday spendings, even a $5 drink. He wants us to enter it on an excel spread sheet and update it every time we spend. I thought it was annoying and can’t be bothered because I don’t... show more