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He’s six and has a better phone than me. The iPhone 6 Plus is very old and I just wanna know how I can convince my mom to get me a better phone so I don’t look stupid compared to my brother. (He has an iPhone and an iPad at only 6 yrs old) 😭 and I’m already a teen!

Yesterday I found an iPhone 7 when I was on my way home. The phone was just lying on the ground before I picked it up. There were scratches everywhere, however, the phone itself looks pretty new, just as if someone purchased it recently but wasn’t careful enough. I turned it on, but there was absolutely nothing —... show more

How I ll change my mobile number?

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like 1.99 is 20 dollers

I m a pretty clumsy person and I ve dropped my current phone a lot (iphone SE) but luckily I have a good case and screen protector otherwise it would have been broken. I think I am ready for an upgrade but I don t know if I should get an iPhone 8 or 7. The reason why I m asking is because the Iphone 8 has a glass... show more

Do i have a spyware on my phone?

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I found this file called temp001 and it had a picture of two girls but the picture had been all messed up with a word "channel" and a dog picture all over the pic and i keep geting app installed into my phone without my knowledge and it seems some of my pics are getting deleted out of nowhere , and also... show more

Best answer: It means they havent deleted old voicemail messages and cant leave any more to them till they do

Best answer: its called VOIP I use Obihai as my landline. I payed for the box once and its free for life as long as I have internet and a free callcentric account you can get multiple phone numbers with google voice It might have been simply screen sharing

Apple Or Samsung?

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Question about getting a phone??

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if i buy a phone but stop paying the bill after i get it, do i still keep the phone or not???

Water-logged iPhone 7 Plus??

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Hi! So I was snorkeling in a lake and found a rather new iPhone 7 Plus about 7 feet down. I have been drying it and the SiM card out for about 2 hours and plugged it in. The phone is still working, but as the phone is not mine, I don't know the password to fix it on Itunes. Any suggestions?


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I want to get a phone, but I'm not very familiar with all of them. What do you guys recommend?

Best answer: Take it away until the class ends.