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Best answer: i think so

Best answer: Belive it ir not, I seen DVD prices that were over a grand on Amazon! I can send you the link

Best answer: No, why should it be bad? If you don't like music then you don't need to listen to it.

Do CDs and vinyl sound any different?

17 answers · 3 weeks ago
Wanting to know if the two formats sound any different a lot of people say vinyl or cd sound better than each other is it the mastering or quality of the format?

What music format is better?

22 answers · 3 weeks ago
Wanna know if vinyl records are better than CD or are CD's better than vinyl not as in maintenance wise mostly audio quality?

Amp problem?

3 answers · 2 weeks ago
So I have an orange crush 20 and I have connected to it. A snucy overdrive pedal, an mxr carbon copy, a super chorus, and a wah. The amp doesn’t have the sound it had when I first bought it. My question is, is it possible I damaged the amp by connecting pedals to it? And if so, how can I fix it?

Best answer: yes and it can cause ear infection be careful

I mean the real mini ones that can fit in your pocket. my smartphone fm is really weak and needs earphones

Best answer: No, it would be weird if you wore headphones and then used earbuds in your ears, but since they are both headphones it balances it out and people will just think you are a shitty DJ.

I m planning to redo my bass cab with 4 Delta 10a speakers. My amp is an Acoustic b600h capable of 600 watts at 2 ohms. Is it possible to wire 4 8 ohm speakers down to 2 ohms so I can utilize all 600 watts from my amp? Thanks

They hurt my ears while wearing headphones and glasses at the same time.

My headphones dont work?

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Best answer: If you are referring to the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 fully automatic turntable: that will plug into an amplifier or receiver... then the speakers connect to the amplifier or receiver. If you don't have an amplifier or receiver between the turntable or the speakers, then the audio on the vinyl will be difficult... show more