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What is the most important city in the United States of America ?

10 answers · Other - United States · 20 hours ago

Dear British people why are you so much afraid of Muslims ?

9 answers · Rio de Janeiro · 8 hours ago

Why does my mom hate me?

24 answers · Other - Vietnam · 3 days ago
My mom bought me a cheap a** 1999 Saab car. We both realized that I needed a car to get back and forth to work as public transit is so s**** in our neighborhood. I asked her if she could help me finance a more modern, attractive looking car and she said “No”. Why does she hate me?

Is Shrek one of your favorite superheroes?

10 answers · Israel · 22 hours ago
Best answer: I love Shrek

Does wyoming really exists?

10 answers · Other - United States · 1 day ago

Which matters more, getting there or how you get there?

19 answers · Other - Destinations · 3 days ago

Best answer: That's OK, the government will bury you free-of-charge if you can't afford a funeral.

Best answer: Unfortunately, it's still only a germ...of an idea, e.g, how many public conveniences would be needed for them to reproduce? Should they be fed, or just leave them to forage in the dustbins as they do in the wild? You see, it is no easy task, let's just hope they become extinct before the reserve is built!

Best answer: You’re going about 67,000 miles per hour as you stand on the surface of the earth. Of course, since it’s relative to mostly empty space, we have no perception of it. The perception of speed in a vehicle is only by how fast the angle of something stationary changes or by vibration of the medium you are moving... show more

Should we have open border in the usa?

7 answers · China · 5 hours ago
It has been shown that if borders are open, illegal immigrants stay back in their countries and dont try to stay in usa

Why is australia so hot?

9 answers · Other - Australia · 1 day ago
i dont want the scientific reason i just want to know who decided that it was a good idea to make australia hot

Does the Queen support Queens park rangers.?

8 answers · Royalty · 4 days ago
Best answer: No, you are trolling. She races horses and hunts, shoots and fishes.