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Who was worse: Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

53 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

Are other countries as arrogant and self obsessed as "america"?

6 answers · Other - Destinations · 1 day ago
Best answer: Judging by many of the questions and answers on this website America seems to be in class of its own. For example there will be questions on "the Civil War" as if there has only 1 civil war in history as opposed to the very many. It simply appears to be the case that many users do not understand that... show more

Can I cancel a flight ticket and get a refund?

22 answers · Air Travel · 2 days ago

Do all Jews hate Muslims?

23 answers · Israel · 3 days ago

Trudeau is merely a subject of the Queen, who was appointed by her to serve as her PM in Canada. It is the Queen who is head of Canada. Why did Trudeau usurp royal authority to take the Queen’s role in representing Canada in Paris?

Can I take food on a plane?

17 answers · Air Travel · 3 days ago
Best answer: There is no problem taking only a carry-on bag. A lot of popele do that to save money and hassle. No big deal. You are correct that powdered items are now facing more scrutiny at security, but that is primarily regarding incoming international flights. You likely will not have any problems at all, especially... show more

Should I go to a dc trip? or buy a phone?

10 answers · Washington, D.C. · 22 hours ago
I have the chance to go to Washington DC for a trip, It is 725 dollars and I want to go so bad its for 4 days and we go to DC and everything is covered, food- hotel, etc. Or I can save that money and buy a phone. I'm getting paid soon so I was going to go to the trip, I only work weekends and my boss hasn't... show more

Why do all Republicans hate black people?

8 answers · Tay Nguyen · 1 day ago
Best answer: Why do demokkkrats deflect their racism onto others?

I was born in 98, lived in Ireland but prefer Britain? Basically all the details are in the q

How do people afford to live in California?

11 answers · Los Angeles · 3 days ago
I’m not even talking LA is SF or SD, just ANYWHERE in the state? Even the crappy parts of the state, apartments go for like 2k a month and up, and the jobs pay low wages. From all the research I’ve done, it seems the only way to financially survive is if you room with at least 3 other people. What’s the secret?... show more

What does it mean to be raised as an aristocrat?

16 answers · Royalty · 4 days ago

If you travel frequently, what is your income?

8 answers · Other - Destinations · 2 days ago