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America is the greatest country in the world. God Bless America

Why won’t God choose me for salvation?

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Is it normal to not get a refund if you end your vacation early?

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I know my point of view is going to be unpopular but I actually liked Turnbull because he never pretended he wasn’t an elite and successful businessman. His net worth is in the hundreds of millions and he wasn’t ashamed of it, he put millions of his own dollars into his schemes. Scomo is on $500,000+ a year but... show more

Isn't it still Hillary's turn?

29 answers · United Arab Emirates · 4 days ago
Best answer: I'm sure she thinks it is.

What do you think of Greece?

7 answers · Greece · 3 days ago
Best answer: Its my country I love her We have the most beautiful land in the world With great history too And amazing places to visit Great people too Greece is a paradise I will never leave my country

Best answer: Rev Moon died in 2012 and didn't come back to life three days later, or any other time either. He was always a false Messiah. Sadly, he deceived many.

Best answer: I'm a historian. My atheism is irrelevant to my recognition of cathedrals and other religious buildings as great works of art and architecture. I happen to specialize in the Early Modern era of the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe. I work with religious issues all the time, and of course I consider the... show more

Australia - Where is it best to live there?

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Best answer: Northeast NSW. Byron Bay is horrendously expensive but anywhere else is fine. The further inland you go, the cheaper the housing becomes.

Mary’s Newtown Pub made an Easter joke on social media, “Jesus got hammered for his sins, so can you!” It has caused a massive backlash online with randoms saying they will boycott it. The Orthodox Christianity Facebook page encourage all their followers to attack the pub’s social media accounts. Can no one take a... show more

I have not yet gotten my passport and I’m scared I have to wait 6 months before I can fly out of the states. Please more info would be awesome!

I am planning to move UK and work there about few month. But I don t want to rent a flat or room with lot s of flatmates. And I have a enogh big and super caravan so it would be ok me just I don t know how to get health insurance number. Do somebody have experience with it? Is it alternative way to get postal... show more

Best answer: Disagree. I'll agree that Israel was actually rather lenient in the past...but you didn't use the past tense. Israel was lenient to the point where they did actually wait a few years to retaliate with strong military force when they rockets from Gaza were first raining down on them. Now, they're less... show more