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What is wrong with the world?

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Best answer: In 10 years the world ends. AOC. BozO'Rork and all Dems running for Pres.

I'm 21 years old, will climate change kill me in my lifetime?

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I'm genuinely terrified that climate change will kill me since I'm so young. I've read a lot of reports saying it is accelerating at a fast rate and within 20 years there will be a climate disaster. So does that mean I have less that 20 years to live?

Humans can't overcome Gods power and ruin what God maintains. That's just plain old silly!!!

Best answer: Meteor. They actually hit earth all the time. Isnt that what liberals claim killed the dinosaurs? Not Global Warming, nor cooling ..... Global Warming? Time to enjoy whatever mild weather while we can. You not gonna enjoy the next ice age if you are here WHEN .......

Best answer: Probably. In the crooked and twisted minds of the saviours of the world, lying and distorting of facts is not beneath them. They will do anything and say anything to advance their crooked and evil agenda. Just look at the recent days. School children played hooky to go and 'protest' against those who are... show more

Climate Change - How dangerous is it to Planet Earth?

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Best answer: It is not dangerous at all to the planet, it has survived many other things including a mass extinction event in the past. https://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/dinosaurs-ancient-fossils-new-discoveries/extinction/mass-extinction Now species may be at risk, but really not humans to become extinct.

Can someone help me? (the question is in the description)?

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What are some ways by which farming systems of the future might adjust to the probable changes in rainfall patterns caused by global climate change?

Will the sun get hotter because of global warming???

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Best answer: Sorry, no cow farts on the sun.

Which of the following is evidence against global warming?

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Best answer: None. 1. My flat is cold today therefore my radiators and heating system are fake, me lying to you about their impact, and/or a socialist conspiracy ... 2. You turn your thermostat up high because you were told in the garden centre that these particular plants love the heat. This is true and everyone agrees about... show more

i don't believe climate change is a front burner issue at all, but a lot of people do, whats their plan? i believe in climate change, and think we could clean up a lot of pollution, but i take leave to think anything we do to reduce carbon will have much if any effect on the climate, I think we are as likely... show more

Hunting: It’s 76 outside?

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Gary here. It’s 76 outside today! Here in Pennsylvania that’s always nice after winter. We have been outside a lot today. We are also grilling outside for dinner. My dad grills good hamburgers. He’s getting the grill ready now. I am getting really hungry!

How much are you willing to give up to fight Global Warming?

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Why do it then??

Is it possible for a 16 years old to join the army?

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