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Cory Booker (Spartacus) Tulsi Gabbard (environmentalist from Hawaii) Jay Inslee (Gov. of Washington) Bernie Sanders Julian Castro Kamala Harris (She questioned Judge Cavanaugh, also had a show down with Kristjen Nelsen, Secretary of Homeland security). Amy Klobuchar (from Minnesota) Elizabeth Warren (claimed to be... show more

It would be a huge victory for the native American people if she were to win and become the first ever native American of the US of A. Am I right or am I right?

Is it true that melania trump is an immigrant?

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Best answer: Have you noticed that it's always Trump's fault? No matter what 'it' is.

Trump or Bernie in 2020?

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Best answer: Yes. Along with Senators and those unelected positions in the order of succession to the Presidency to the 5th in line (If we ever get that far we have more pressing problems). House members are much less powerful. I also would like to see states demand the same from governors.

Why does Trump golf so much when he's terrible at it?

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161 golfing trips @ $91,000,000 to taxpayers. So the Orange Tiger Woods has already golfed more in past 2 years than Obama did in 8 years!

so i am enlisting in the Air Force soon. I am leaving for bmt on march 26th i was wondering should i ship my car to my first military base or just buy one when i get there? I have 2001 xterra with 158000 miles it has been really reliable ever since i got it almost 4 years ago. The car still looks good. I am going... show more

So, they buy guns and wait around for excuses to shoot people.

Why won't black people move back to Africa?

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Who do you think will be president in 2020?

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