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Best answer: The sad thing is just sitting here unable to do anything about it, and realizing my vote does not count. I feel so suckered and cheated as a patriotic American. Democrats have no class or morals anymore, and liberals do nlt care because their side if cheating to win. Seriously why is nothing being done? You do not... show more

Best answer: Yes he did. Hes really getting on the verge of doing something really stupid and critical. He bears watching a lot closer than usual. Hes being sued for noncompliance of calls to restore Acostas credentials but continues to ignore those calls.


Will Andrew Gillum win the recount in Florida?

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Best answer: No Way, Florida is way to corrupt to let a Democrat win, Rick Scott is filing a phony lawsuit accusing the Dem's of trying to steal the election when he tried to destroy hundreds of thousands of votes. Florida is far to corrupt.

Best answer: They are loaded with cash. Who cares.

Why doesn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg MAGA and die already?

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Describe Donald Trump in three words?

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What's wrong with gun control?

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Should there be universal income?

87 answers · Politics · 2 days ago
Best answer: Nothing is free and somebody will foot the bill. As a working taxpayer, it'll probably be me..... HEY! NO WAY!

What is wrong with socialism?

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Should Trump declare war on France?

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Why is Maxine Waters so rich?

12 answers · Politics · 2 hours ago
Members of Congress only make 175k a year. I didn't know you could afford a 4.5 million dollar mansion with that salary. Maxi-Pad is living in the lap of luxury by cashing in on those campaign donations!

Name an honest politician Republican or Democratic?

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Best answer: the damp weather hurts his bone spurs

Can a woman rape a man?

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