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Best answer: He's white so they don't care about that murder.

Why do liberals ignore Hillary Clinton's racism?

41 answers · Politics · 15 hours ago
Hillary Clinton has a long, documented history of racism. She referred to Blacks a superpredators in the 90's and most recently contended in a recent interview that "all Blacks look alike".

I think CELEBS have below than average looks?

28 answers · Politics · 2 days ago
Best answer: Most celebrities are supposed to be glamourous but I find them mostly butt-ugly. Like Lady Gaga- looks more like an ugly dude in drag.

I mean my House, Cars and save account money, we never get married but she have prove that we are being together for more than 12 years in California. No kids but, we almost have sex once in a while and need that schit more than ever, i am a man.

Do you Think obama was the Greatest President Ever?

113 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

My boyfriend shoplifts and he wont stop what do I do as the girlfriend?

65 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 1 day ago
I'm in my first relationship. (I'm 18) My boyfriend is 24. I'm learning he enjoys shop lifting and he does it when we go to malls. How do I get him to stop? I tried telling him its morally wrong and he wont listen. He once even put items in my purse without me looking. He keeps calling me a "bad... show more

Are you going to buy Michelle Obama's new book?

33 answers · Politics · 16 hours ago
So Michelle Obama has a new book out and I am curious to know if anyone will buy it or already has purchased it. If you bought it, why? & if you are planning on buying it, why?

Is it legal to shoot someone who is abusing an animal?

36 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 day ago
If I see someone abusing a dog to the point where the dog can die. Can you legally shoot the suspect?

True or false - - Hillary Clinton should be executed?

50 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

What is up with all the President Trump hatred?

26 answers · Politics · 23 hours ago
You aren`t one of those silly brainwashed folks, are you?

Poll: Would you move to California?

31 answers · Politics · 17 hours ago

Best answer: How long does it take to die and how do you cram X number of years into that space of time? No, it's pure BS.

How did men manage to provide for WHOLE family alone?

168 answers · Politics · 4 days ago
Best answer: Easy.. In the so called old days things were much much cheaper. Deduct the cost of everything now days by approx 500 %... Take all rents down to a HIGH of about 500 a month and a average of 150.00 a month for a 4 bed room house. Lower food prices by 500% to about 100 a month to feed a family of 4 lower gas to... show more