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I have relatively severe anxiety and depression, and I know that an ESA (emotional support animal) would benefit me greatly. I have proposed the idea of adopting a male kitten with the assumption that the responsibility of it's care would fall on me. However, my parents have a few issues with it. We already... show more

Best answer: Any dog we've ever had was NOT allow to sleep in bed with us. They can see things better then you in the dark, but you could have a night light near the floor in the room if you feel better about the dog seeing.

Don’t dogs need a lot of space?

Any guess about this dogs breed?

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Best answer: Dogs have a sense of cleanliness and they want their alpha dog in the pack to be clean too. My current dog, a *****, has a habit of "drying" me off after I shower...with her wet tongue. She sees it as her duty to groom the alpha dog.

Best answer: You have says you"recently" met him. How would you expect him to.make a choice like that? Has he proposed to you? If you and Dan were to continue to see one another, and then become more serious, this may be a question to pursue. I also think when Dan visits you, Nahlah should stay elsewhere. That is... show more

Best answer: There is no "should" about it. Its up to the dogs owner what they think is the best way to go about this issue. Sometimes if an owner is very upset and displays too much negative emotion it may upset the dog who will sense the owners distress and in that case its probably best if the owner is not with the... show more

A relative got a cat, but talks to it, and tries to give commands like it's a dog. I said to them about it, and their response was, well, eventually they'll pick it up, yea but I've never seen a cat that responded to, a, come here, command. I told them that dogs are more receptive to commands than... show more

How often should i take my dog on walks?

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I have a dog who is an Akita German Sheppard. I love her very much and i always took her out on walks in the morning. Now since it's getting colder should i take her out more often because im afraid im gonna make her to cold as well as myself. What should i do?

Best answer: I think as long as you love your cat and honor his memory, then it's certainly not callous. In fact, adopting a new cat who needs a good and loving home is a good way to honor your cat. Just make sure to communicate about it with those you live with, and let them talk about the situation. That way, everyone can... show more

Can I keep a stray dog?

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I found her on the highway eating a dead raccoon. She was extremely muddy and hungry. I took her home with me and posted on facebook about her. After a week I took the posts down with the intent to keep her. The owners neighbor contacted me and said the dog is mistreated and that isn’t the first time she’s been in... show more

Is it time to put my dog down?

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He was diagnosed with diabetes many months ago... We gave him his insulin shots everyday for months but things only got worse, so we stopped giving them. Nowadays hes as skinny as can be, drinks water and pukes it up all day, has an uncontrollable bladdet, and is blind. Hes very weak but still barks and walks... show more

Whats food should dogs avoid eating?

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What do I do in this situation? I need her in my name if she gets lost and I want to register her. But she won't sign it so the dog is still in her name. What can I do?

Emotional support animal?

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Could i make my dog emotional support animal online instead of seeing a doctor? In the state of Wisconsin

She has a few dogs including terriers she keeps them all outside UNATTENDED!! anyone can walk up and take them exept they won’t go to strangers she lives on a farm her gates are always open near a road I say “what if your dogs get run over or run away” she said they stay where the food is and there too streetwise... show more

Dogs or cats?

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