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Names for a pure black female teacup chihuahua?

25 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
I just got her and I can't think of what I want to name her, I don't like the typical cutesy chihuahua names like Bella, Tiny or Princess. We already own a pug named Button, a Rottie named Tizzy, and a St. Bernard named Wookie

Hi there i have a 4 year old pointer cross weimaraner, and he has severe guarding issues, as in he has bit me and my family members multiple times, his worst trait is getting into the fridge and guarding what he found. today he managed to bury cheese that he got from the fridge and i managed to sneak outside and... show more

Why do people hate Chihuahuas so much?

13 answers · Dogs · 15 hours ago

This is her first litter and she attacked the. Puppy right after birth. I have been keeping them separately and bringing them to her to nurse every couple hours. I want to know if it’s safe to leave the rest of her litter with her instead of getting up every two hours to be with them.

How much should a dog drink?

30 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago

How do you make a dog drink?

9 answers · Dogs · 4 hours ago

Should I euthanize my Husky?

11 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
My sibe, named Bandit, is eleven years old. For the past 6-months, he couldn t stand, walk, pee or poo by himself without my assistance the entire time(using straps) To add, seven days ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and was confined for 4 days. I had to discharge him because the bill got too high and... show more

I found the manifesto online, but I noticed articles by the media where they didn't want the manifesto to remain online. I find that suspicious. I would rather have the manifesto online so that I can see that it's not all about Trump in the way the leftist press is trying to make it. I don't believe... show more

New dog won’t eat or drink?

10 answers · Dogs · 20 hours ago
My friend gave me one of her dogs because she couldn’t care for it anymore, I’ve met him a few other times so he’s a little familiar with me. He’s been here the last 3 days, he’s comfortable with me but clearly not so much the environment. I know it will take time for him to get used to everything and I’m not... show more

Does my dog know how much I love him?

9 answers · Dogs · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Yes, dogs know by how they're treated whether they're loved, and it sounds like you treat your dog like your best friend, which is what he is.

Why does my cat constantly meow?

10 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
Sometimes my cat will just walk around the house and constantly make a “meowwwwww” noise. When we try to feed her or give her attention, she will just walk away. Sometimes I will meow back and she will also meow back at me. What does her constant meowing mean?

How much chicken should I feed my cat?

9 answers · Cats · 15 hours ago
I rather feed my cat wet food or actual fresh cooked chicken than dried food. I'm not sure how much chicken I shoild feed my cat

Best answer: It isn't disrespectful at all. Another person put it really well, the terms you use are generally based on where you live. In North Smerica, they are called orange cats, but I've also seen them called ginger, just less frequently. I hear the term ginger cats used much more in the UK.

My parents told me they got our Male shih tzu dog so he can breed with our female dog. They wanted to use him to produce puppies and that's why they got him . I did convince them to spay and neuter them as I seen these dogs as family rather breeding machine but then my parents wanted to get rid of the small... show more

Has my dog has a seizure?

11 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
My dog is adopted (possibly a shih-tzu cross Maltese maybe?), we don't know his age other than he is older than average. He has been slowly going blind for about two or three years and we think he's going deaf too. About four days ago as we were feeding him he started yelping and his back legs gave out. He... show more

Should we euthanize our 15 year old dog?

8 answers · Dogs · 11 hours ago
I’ve had my dog Rain since I was 8. My parents didn’t want a dog but I convinced them to adopt her. At that age I didn’t know about dog anatomy or conditions they could develop and my family had no interest in learning about them. Now I’m close to graduating college and I can’t help noticing all the pain she’s in.... show more

- Even if it is has nothing to do with the alpha - the alpha will focus in on him and growl directly at him. Of course, the submissive gets nervous, turns his back, and amplifies his growl... so my alpha walks over to him, chalenges him and a brief snapping back and forth ensues until the submissive goes and... show more