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Best answer: If they will allow your fish on the plane, he or she should be fine. However, ensure a ventilated lid, and feed at normal times.

What name do I give to my puppy?

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Why did you change your dog’s name?

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We have many English people who are homeless, sleeping under bridges and doorsteps. Yet these illegal boat people from Iraq and along every other Jonny foreigner from Timbuktu to China will be given a nice warm accommodation and pushed to front of the housing and benefits queue? Are we or have we finally gone mad... show more

Best answer: I've never owned a cat that didn't do this from time to time. They just are full of energy and play I guess. Half the time if one of the cats does this, it scares the heck out of the other and you will see puffed up tails.....ll

How do warrior cats decide their names?

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Best answer: By meowing and hissing.

Best answer: A dog in a household will never be just one person's dog. They create mess, they bark, they need attention etc and therefore a dog should only come into a family if everyone wants that situation. This should apply to ANY family. Now to you... this is your parents home anyway and therefore the above... show more

What do we as America do about our Marxist garbage universities?

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I mean I know that most people need to go to school if they want a higher up Job but those universities have turned into Marxist garbage. What's a person to do. What do you think can be done. Should we pass some laws against cultural Marxism and the left so they cannot poison our children. I mean look at those... show more

Why don't people like snakes?

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Why does my cat pee outside of the litter box?

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I have two cats, each with their own box that gets cleaned everyday. One cat pees on one of my rugs a lot. But he also still pees in the litter box. What can be done or what am I doing wrong?

Can a person eat a hamster?

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Best answer: You would need to eat many to get full. Just have a dog.

Best answer: They may be a cool blacking/blue tint with white feet and white under their neck. I have one and had similar breeding to yours. He looks so cool!! I names him Bruiser because of being black and blue!!

My dog chews up and destroyed my stuff every day while my girlfriend and I are at work. He has destroyed some pretty valuable things. Yesterday, he destroyed my girlfriend s new Alexa Echo that she got for Christmas. We ve tried bitter apple but he seems to have developed a taste for it. My girlfriend has had... show more

Cat refuses to chew dry food.?

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He has been swallowing his dry food whole for months and keeps throwing it up again. We went to the vets and he ending up having $1000 dental bill! Now his teeth are better yet he STILL continues to swallow his dry food whole. It has been a couple of months since the surgery and the vet said there has been enough... show more

Best answer: You can't stop what is a natural hunting instinct. However, you can make it difficult for the cats by fitting them with bells on collars, then the intended prey will hear them coming and have a chance of escaping. Cats rely on their "silent approach" method of hunting and a tinkling bell will ruin... show more

Is it normal that my dog loves ice cubes?

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