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Best answer: I don't believe in vigilantism because nothing worthwhile has been achieved, but due to recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic maniacs I have no sympathy at all.

Are you concerned about the Earth Globe Warming?

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Best answer: Of course not, they tend to be dim witted. You could use them to test air quality I suppose, like coal miners used to use canaries.

Do Americans Believe there is a CRISIS at the Southern Border?

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The BBC was tonight accused of allowing its Comic Relief TV appeal to become ‘an advert for Jeremy Corbyn’. Tory MPs reacted with fury at this year’s Red Nose Day broadcast, lambasting BBC bosses for peddling ‘socialist nonsense’ and making ‘absurd’ claims about the scale of poverty in Britain. During the... show more

Best answer: Yep. No piece of paper will stop a criminal.

White supremacy is the advocacy of a system that determines "white" people to be superior and establishes political, economic and social dominance over "non-whites". Almost nobody in the West advocates this, for good reason. What a horrible ideology. Still, it is nothing compared to Islam. The... show more

Brexit - Should we have voted leave?

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I voted to stay in the EU simply because I didn’t know a lot about the repercussions or benefits and I didn’t see any problems with how we were. I also thought a lot of the information about brexit was extremely biased and almost propaganda. Does anyone have an unbiased, knowledgeable view on whether the U.K.... show more

What do the Welsh see in sheep?

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Best answer: easy sex

It makes me feel very victimized that people are trying to make me a minority.