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congress will be republican for sure. supreme court is all locked up, but wait..we got another pick soon, lol Liberals are fighting with each other daily, you have muslims in congress, ISIS members..wow.

Christians why are so many retailers shutting down?

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Best answer: Amazon Online Shopping is cutting a big hole in the brick and mortar stores

I go to a local ice cream/coffee shop and the girl behind the counter has really long hair and she wears it down. i found a hair in my ice cream. The owner said, staff don't have a dress code and can wear their hair how they want. She offered me a refund. I suggested a ponytail or a visor, she said her shop her... show more

When can I buy cracke in New York City?

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If no how can I report them? Chicago area. Average cost for a slice is $5.50

What’s is like to live in Atlanta ?

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Best answer: Georgia Tech Acme Training School.

Best answer: Yes as it saves having to work around office workers

Packers and movers in mumbai?

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Hello there. Please HELP. I am so terrified. He said he'll call the cops to take me out of the house. And he's asking for my keys now. He lives in the same house. I have no where to go.