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I'm a lawyer

Best answer: I always have and always will shop at thrift stores. I have been doing it for a while now, well, for as long as I can remember. I did it because I had less to no money. I do it now because it's fun. For starters, You can walk into a thrift store and you know you are able to afford every little thing in there.... show more

Best answer: You probably like the cheap, tacky VS sh*t. Men really have no taste.

For you girls: Do you like guys in baggy jeans or tighter jeans?

Best answer: Yes, I also have a very beautiful work, I have to contact a Chinese dealer.

Do your wear clothing brands?

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I only care about brand, when it comes to shoes and undies

Do u have white jeans?

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Best answer: Yes I own two pairs. Which I wear all the time.

I know these can be fashionable. My wife would like one, and I want to get her one of the best, if possible.

Best answer: It is a floral tweed jacket by French label Paule Ka from last year. Not very patriotic. Google "Fluidity F2" down to £336 on their website, but nearly sold out.

Best answer: Should be the right size with pockets in good places. I prefer Rosetti brand, from Kohls.

Left to right, 1 to 6

I made a natural vaccine?

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Best answer: Please hurry.

Best answer: South Florida.

I hear alot of guys talk about how white girls are known for having big boobs and black girls are known for having a big butt, but I'm black and don't have much of a butt, mostly thick thighs, wear size 12 in jeans and have a slim waist and have to buy foreign bras because they don't make the proper... show more