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Best answer: Crawdads corn on the cob potatoes sausage lots of beer a bottle or two of Jack Daniels potato chips and dip hamburgers. Potato salad coleslaw baked beans sirloin steak that should keep your guests good and happy

Best answer: Pizza, hamburgers, mashed(real) potatoes. Have to add Mac&cheese.

Why are most hipsters White?

7 answers · 11 hours ago
Best answer: Pretty much. Same with the alt right and Antifa. All these people are white and weigh less than the girlfriends they wish they had.

Like really, what they only think is when they'll eat and when they'll f*ck. Like life is only these two things. And worst of all, by the age of 12 they adopt this way of living. Why?

Does Bipolar shorten a life?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I think the shortened lifespan is due to the side effects of the swings toward depression (weight gain, suicide ....).

Best answer: It is a good attempt I hope it prospers with the garbage out there, we could use a filter

Best answer: Racism, sexism, trolling, spamming, abuse.

If it isnt illegal what name should i put and what content should i post how would i further it getting lots of followers

Best answer: He bought them. He bought the rights to Elvis songs too.

So they hired the then unknown actor Tom Hanks instead.

Best answer: Not even close. Kevin Spacey seems to be a deeply closeted gay man who had a lot of internalized hatred, and who made moves on younger men who he generally believed to be of age. Michael Jackson lured young boys to his ranch for long-tern sexual abuse and rape. His list of victims is long, and he also... show more

Best answer: Because they are really a bunch of wackos down there.