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Schools in USA are good?

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Best answer: "May I be honest with you? I find it annoying when you say that to me."

Is Wikipedia fake?

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I was asked about the validity of creationism and I avoided the question and talked about the nature and philosophy of science and for students to decide for themselves. But if I were to answer directly about God, creationism, I really want to explain to students that if I side with religion I could risk my job... show more

Best answer: I dropped out of high school and got a GED at 17. Ifucked off for 10 years then landed a good union job that I've held for 21 years. I now make six figures working as a telecommunications engineer. I have no mortgage, no debt, a fat pension and a fat 401k. Company paid health care. I'll retire a... show more

I have generalized anxiety disorder and am stressed out. I want to have a few Modelo beers in class to take the edge off.

Best answer: Most people can't handle days and nights that last half a year each, nor temperatures several dozen degrees below zero

I had her in 9th grade and back then I was extremely awkward, Poor, and fat. But I was a good student regardless though and I had a good relationship with her but it was just awkward at times. 10 grade I was the same. But stuff changed slowly by slowly as the years progressed. I have fresh clothes, chains, I lost... show more

Best answer: A calculator doesn't have an IQ at all so even I'm cleverer than that.

Can a adult take ged diploma?

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Am I smart according to my grades?

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My mum always tell my relatives and other people that I don’t do that well at school. My dad avoids even speaking about my grades and how I’m doing. Right now I feel pretty crappy about my grades. I try super hard but I get mediocre grades, but I don’t know for sure if they are mediocre because my friends say... show more

New to Girl Scouts?

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Best answer: Grit and determination

Best answer: i've found that if you just pursue your interests, friends happen automatically. i'm not sure what you mean by "inactive" organizations, but you should participate in an organization/team/project/research that interests you. here are some ideas: - join professional or social fraternity/sorority... show more

Math Question - Solving for GPA?

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So my brother received X GPA his first semester as a freshman. With 7 more semesters to go the highest cumulative GPA he can obtain is a 3.5. What GPA did he get his 1st semester. Please show me how you solve it as well. Thank you.

Best answer: Part of being 'different' is living without the need of being accepted. The more different you are, the less accepted you will usually be until you get older and learn how to network and meet similar thinking people.... that is where you will find acceptance. It takes time but you should find it.

I really hate this, I'm in college and I study my ass off and barely get a C, while my friends don't study and get A's. It's so unfair, why is this happening? What is wrong with me??!! This is for chemistry btw