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Best answer: You go to your doctors office and ask for your immunization records. Tell them you need proof of your immunization for your university. You are not the only one who has asks for this. It doesn’t matter that your doctor has retired. The practice is still there. Ask your university if the doctors office can fax... show more

Best answer: I’m gonna open a bar in San Francisco called The Poop ‘n Needle

Best answer: Anyone can publish anything on any topic, especially online.

In front of students and teachers

GED or High School diploma?

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Best answer: I used to teach GED classes--and what I taught was a whole lot easier than what students had to learn in high school English, the subject I taught. A GED is great if you had to leave school, but a proper diploma shows potential employers and colleges that you went with the more difficult program of staying in... show more

LPN to Nursing Anesthetist?

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I am going to a 2 year school to have an LPN/associates in Nursing and I have been doing a lot of thinking would it be possible to take my Associates somewhere to get a bachelors in nursing? I’m not really sure how this works no one really sat and had the “college talk” with me. I’d like to eventually become a... show more

Best answer: I don’t have a set plan yet and I’m 27. I know a number of people who didn’t have a set plan until much later in life, and a ton of people believe it’s mentally straining to make the decision for sure at a young age. You’re not even through half your life yet, so take some time and experience things. Take general... show more

Best answer: You are trash. College is a waste on you because you are ignorant. The education system in the USA must suck badly.

Best answer: Do not be too smug...your world could change in a heartbeat...

I am in accounting. I was supposed add an ending date, I wrote February 31, instead of feb28 . I know Feb only has 28 days. My classmates also think I am stupid .

Such as messenger on facebook

Best answer: Depends on the context. If you were criticizing radical Islam that's one thing, but if you're insulting peaceful Muslims that's another.

My family and I just moved back to the states from out of the country. I’m 16 and where we used to live you couldn’t get your license until you were 18. Here however by 16 your should be done with your permit and have a regular license. I wouldn’t be to worried about it but my dad works anywhere between 1 or 2... show more

Best answer: You do NOT "have to go through everything we did." Stop wimping out & say "no." Say " I can't help you." Say "I'm too busy taking care of my own business to do your work for you, too." And when you miss school, you do NOT go to her for info (she likely missed it... show more