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I don't want to do this but I don't want to flunk. I am scared to do this. Aren't they in prison because they are bad?

Best answer: On one hand, what someone said is correct - the photo is hers, she took it in a public place. However, under data protection laws in the UK (which may vary depending on country you are in) you can't *publish* a photo/video of someone if they are recognisable in it (your face is part of your personal data as... show more

Do teachers have to retire at 65?

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A very random question but me and my friend are curious. Say for example you started working as a teacher at a high school or college. Do you have to retire at the retirement ages of 60/65 or what have you or can you literally work till you want? Thanks in advance

I saw My cousin today and she got upset when I asked her when she was going back to college. She explained she wasn't there anymore and she had been forced out by ONE person. A support teacher. I asked what she meant and she said, everything was going great until around two weeks in of starting (she started in... show more

I work in NJ and have been issued my TSOD (CE). Can I teach special education with just this or does this only allow me to start to teach special education and while teaching, Ill have to take continuing educational courses in special ed?

In English class on one of the assignments i made a bot replied to it and i said shut up no one cares as a joke to mock people and kids who legitimately mean that, and for some reason my teacher took offense to that and said to me if that if i do something like that again i'll have my account removed and... show more

I’m highly uncomfortable with the idea of recording myself in a documentary embarrassing myself in front of a class. I don’t want to have to do it against my will, there has got to be another option I don’t believe it’s fair for teachers to subject students to things with no other choice in the matter. Is it... show more

I’m 17, and I want to get teaching experience. I’m horrible at math and reading, otherwise I would apply at the local Kumon, but I wanted to gain some experience teaching, and maybe with theatre mixed in? Any ideas? Thanks!

Male teacher calls me baby?

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Best answer: It’s inappropriate and he could lose his job for this actually

Best answer: Most 7th graders are 13 year old by May 1st your correct .

Let me be clear that I think teachers should be valued, and held in high regard in our society. What I take issue with is the notion of teachers being underpaid in comparison to other professions. Where I live, teachers in this particular MIDWESTERN school district can make up to 93k a year with just a... show more

I am an introvert type of guy and i can rarely make a person laugh but at the same my classmates can also make teachers laugh and enjoy their talk and all teachers know about the but they have a concept in thier mind that im just a bright student and nothing more i want that my teachers remember not only because... show more

Were they right to do that?

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when i was in middle school i touched the boobs of my female math teacher, her name is andria quarry, when i touched her boobs i was summoned to the principal's office he gave me a lecture and i was given a year long detention and four months suspension