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Guys what are you eating right now?

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What subway sandwich do you order?

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Meatball marinara? Steak and cheese? Maybe your own mix up?

Why does KFC taste so bad?

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Best answer: It is part of Pepsi/YUM but it does seem to have the best food of any YUM franchise. I find most locations to have okay food, not as good as when I was a child and Colonel Sanders was still alive or even as good as in the 80s but still better than Taco Bell

Why does Origins prove Atheist liars?

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very good food and service

It's my mom's birthday and she's taking me, my dad, and my 5 siblings to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but I heard it's super expensive and it's stressing me out that it'll be over 500$ just for us to eat there.

Best answer: Go back and talk to the General Manager. Make sure you have all your proof before you go.

It's all in the question.

Best answer: Rohinga = Muslim.

Best answer: It means: they are an addict for opiate for the masses

How many has joined the no religion movement?

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What's proper attire for a fast casual restaurant?

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You order at the counter but they bring you the food

Popeyes fried chicken. I swear, there's never ever a time where I eat it, and don't need to take a number 2 afterwards. It always happen. Why? Doesn't matter what I've eaten that day. I always have to use the restroom afterwards, like 30 minutes after eatitng.