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Guitar Amp Help! Power Cable?

5 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: I tried to see if it has a voltage selector, but couldn't find the info. If it does, all you need to do is set it for 120 volts and use a plug adapter. Many items need internal wiring changes to set them for the correct voltage. This is a job for an experienced technician. Otherwise, you would need a... show more

What ro do if Kindle gets wet?

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My microwave is only 700watts and my fridge is a large mini fridge not the teeny ones. Can I stack the microwave on top of my fridge and plug them both into the same outlet. The booklet says not to but they're so low powered and I only have a few outlets in my bedroom. I'm pretty sure everything is on... show more

Recently bought a guitar amplifier from Europe, and then this is what came with it. Since I live in the US, there is no where I can plug this in! I've tried looking for adapters but I can't find the right one. It has a Schuko 16A 250V on one end (the end which I can't plug in), and a C13 on the other... show more

Any good small long range transmitter/receivers out there?

What is best smart watch?

7 answers · 7 days ago

It s a 1948 Hamilton Perry with the stretch band, restoration costs $220

When ever I see those electronic things that display your speed, I go really fast. I don’t even know why they have those. It just makes me want to see how fast I can get up to before I pass it. Does anyone do this ?

I got myself in a pickle today boys...fishing in tidal creeks and my phone's GPS absolutely wouldn't work all day. This isn't the first time that's happened, but either I knew how to get back home anyway or it eventually worked. What makes GPS devices that big boaters use different (always work)... show more

Best answer: Faith in digital and buying a new alarm clock every 5 to 7 years is why. SEE THE BRAINWASHING ALL HAIL CAPITALISM DOES?

Best answer: There are no supercapacitors in DVD players. There are no cool projects to be done with supercapacitors. They are a lot smaller and less capable than you seem to think. You need to understand that while they do store a lot of energy compared to regular capacitors, they are used mainly for applications that... show more

I want a fan that pretty much can replace air conditioning. I want it to run so cold I feel like I am in Alaska. I'm exaggerating but I want a good quality fan.

I recently got a Dell Alienware desktop PC and for some reason it only plays audio in the left ear of my headset. To make matters worse, when I go to the control panel, my headset does not appear as a listed device. Any solutions?


I have LED strip lights that can be cut, they are 16.5 ft long, 12V, 5amp. I figured the wattage was 3.66 Watts per foot. I am cutting about 8-10 inch pieces for a craft project and need to figure out how to power them. What size plug-in or battery pack would I need? Do I need a 12V, 5 AMP plugin or smaller?... show more

Best answer: yes. But what about photonics?