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Packages, credit cards etc were being sent to the house because it was vacant. The landlord wants me to pay for repairs even though it obviously had nothing to do with me. My landlord is trying to use my rent checks to pay for the damage instead of applying it to my rent, and is telling me late fees are piling... show more

Is it legal?

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My landlord always comes to collect money without a receipt book, I've had her filling in a receipt book that i bought myself so that it shows that payments have been made and even though i keep hold of the book i plan to give it to her once i decide to leave. Is it ok that i have the book AND the... show more

My boyfriend's currently dealing with a situation in which his landlord is threatening a breach of lease. The issue is my visits as an overnight guest. I come over roughly 3-4 times a month, and we usually just stay in his room. It's a house that the landlord lives next to. The other housemates are always... show more

our landlord is generally unresponsive to things. Today I noticed our washing machine is leaking. Is this something the landlord is gonna have to fix? I mean It's an electrical hazard right? the outlet for the machines is less than a foot away from the back of them.

Is my realtor being realistic?

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I got preapproved for 210k, I have $11,000 for a downpayment. But the price went up so much it’s hard to find something I like or where I’ll feel safe. I found a home I loved for 215k. He automatically said no because we need seller to pay closing cost. Then I found a home for 197k he said it’ll be too many ppl... show more

Taking ny name off a home?

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I live in a home with my sister and i want to move out i dont no what do u need to do to take my name off the property who do i contact the landlord or the real estate people and also my sister agrees to pay for the house we came to an agreement so how do i go abouts to get this done immediately

My dad passed away recently ,we passed away 1 month after marrying my mother due to a heart attack,he did not leave a will and the house we live in was only under his name .Currently we are still doing payments on the house but are looking to change the name on the house papers so that it can be put under my... show more

I live on the first floor, two guys live on the second floor and the landlord lady lives downstairs below me. I used a broom to bang the ceiling when the neighbor upstairs constantly stomps around, dropping heavy things right below me for 2-3 hours late at night. Today he confronted me and asked if I had a problem... show more

Best answer: Hire a lawyer and have him read the lease. We can't tell from what you posted.

Would you buy a $5k house?

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I was looking for homes and found several homes going for $5k on ebay. Are they worth it?

The landlord has not long from changed the locks as they was broken, the guy who changed the locks said he will give a set to estate agents so we do t have to. Anyway we get a letter from estate agents demanding a set for front and back door. They said they have not received any and the guy who changed locks... show more

The original plan was for me and my cousin to be roommates but my name isn’t on the lease... Later she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep it. I was ok with that decision until she asked if she could move her boyfriend in and that we would split the rent 3 ways and he was transferring his job. A few... show more

Best answer: how much would it be worth once it is renovated? are you sure you can count on family members to do the work for reduced cost? are they licensed? there is a big difference between knowing general work and actually knowing building code and how to build to code do you have the cash to do the work?

When it says private room on Airbnb, does that mean the host will live with you? How can you tell whether the host will be in the Airbnb or not?

We own vacation rental property. It rents out frequently but we've given family members the opportunity to use the rental for their own vacation and ask them to only pay a cleaning fee. My husband's second cousin wishes to use property too and bring along some unwelcomed guests. We only know of these... show more