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I'm 19 year old girl and my landlord has recently begun making sexual advances towards me. He told he will take $75 off my monthly rent if i engage in sex. He also is threatening to evict me if I refuse. I told him he can't, but he said he can easily find a reason to get rid of me for good.

Would a landlord accept payment if you had gold and silver pieces (.999 or 1 Troy ounce)? It would be interesting to try and see since it is legal currency

I'm moving to another state and I plan on purchasing a home. I would like to pay my mortgage at least 6 months ahead of time just like some people may pay rent months ahead of time. Can I pay my monthly mortgage months ahead of time?

Renters Insurance?

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Several months ago, some friends and I moved into an apartment in New Hampshire and signed a lease with landlord A, who did not require renters insurance. A few months later, Landlord A sold the property to landlord B who took over the lease as it was (with no renters insurance required). Now Landlord B has... show more

The new landlord gave us keys and we moved in December 1st. Now he is demanding rent for October and November saying we are still responsible for those months since we signed a lease. Today he posted a 3 day notice to pay or quit demanding 2 months rent and late fees. I don't want him to file an eviction... show more

My biggest fear is becoming homeless?

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I have no family or friends and barely have enough money to pay rent, I've never taken out a loan before so my credit isn't ruined but I don't own anything as collateral, I'd just like to have a Christmas where I don't fear being homeless. I'm working through the holidays and that will just... show more

Best answer: I wouldn't give it any thought at all if you used the garbage bin provided by the garbage company and you put it where it was supposed to be. Even if you didn't, the idiot had a duty to LOOK where he/she was going. Tripping over anything was his/her own negligence. Relax. I think someone is looking to... show more

My uncle is getting evicted. He was given a 30 day notice of failure to pay rent to rent went up. Yesterday he got a 3 day notice to vacate premise. He is taking it to court because he has children he fosters. The attorney is saying not to pay any rent until the case is resolved. Is this correct? I would think he... show more

Best answer: That's very nice of you, but very unusuall

Is this legal? I live in California and the landlord told us they had an appraiser coming by to look at the house and he asked us to lie and say that he lives there with us (as if we are not renting). I just want to make sure he doesn’t have us participating in something illegal.

They just make banging noise all the time.

Fence rules?

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Best answer: Theoretically yes through adverse possession. But its not as simple as fencing across property lines and maintaining the property for a long period of time. The owner must also act like its yours too over that same period. And if the owner has this property surveyed and pinned (to mark the property lines)... show more

Best answer: There are no discrimination laws based on dogs in rental....... I have always allowed my tenants to choose to have pets, my reasoning is that I have pets and it is my choice to do so and when you rent a property you are renting someone a home, so their home, my house......... to be perfectly honest it is often not... show more

I know it’s possible. How do I do it?