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Say if your credit card limit is now unlimited. Would you be sensible and only use it to buy what you can afford; or would you not be able to resist the temptation to buy everything you ve always wanted, even if it means building up a crippling amount of debt?

Payday loan complaints?

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Long story short, I've taken out multiple payday loans and the minimum repayments per month now eat up most of my piddly £1k per month wages. I started borrowing from these a few years ago and have borrowed from more and more different lenders and have borrowed off some to pay off another. I have lied on the... show more

My bill is due the 13th and i cant pay it. Ive never missed a payment or had a late payment. Whats gonna happen? I can pay both bills next month though. What will happen?

Best answer: Since the medical bill is paid in full, that account is "closed." That's reported correctly. Your debt ratio is rather high & that cuts your FICO score. Even if you always pay on time, if you only make minimum payments, it's not good enough to boost your score. You might have an awfully high... show more

My brother is in Australia dating a Chinese woman. Recently they had a fight about money and she told him that in her culture the boyfriend gives the girlfriend a credit card to show he is serious. Problem is I have done some research on this and I cannot find anything about giving them a credit card. Is giving... show more

I have the money to pay off balances without accruing any interest with a zero balance from month to month. I have a low limit of $1,000.00 *Should one reach close to the limit and pay it all off at the end of the billing cycle? Or does it hurt to reach close to the limit? Even when paid in full monthly? *Should... show more

What kind of credit cards? Like actual credit cards or like Pink, Belk etc? And what kinds do they do

I need help with my credit?

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My parents cosigned on my bank account (and I'm still younger than 18). Would they see any purchases I make with my debit card on their online bank accounts?

I have applied for deposit accounts at two major credit unions and quality for membership. But, neither of them will accept me while my credit report is frozen. I am not or do I intend to ever apply for a loan or credit, just want to get the better interest rate on CD s. Is this just marketing? Is it illegal?... show more

I was checking out at Walmart today, and I inserted my credit card when it was time to pay like usual. But the machine didn't even register my card as being inserted. It didn't say "error" or "card declined" or anything like that. It just didn't do anything. Just held the pop up that... show more

The date that the credit reports have is incorrect so I could dispute them and possibly get them removed however the date that it should be is later than what they have. Is there a chance that they could just correct it and then I have to wait that much longer?

When will mt first payment be?

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I just leased a new 2019 chevy traverse on the 8th of august and the paperwork says the first payment is due September 8th but i havent gotten any paperwork stating where i pay and the Ally financial loan is not on my credit yet so what does that mean? Ive read somewhere that the loan company gives you 45 till the... show more

Best answer: go to another bank