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How to cancel on a babysitting job last minute??

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Two nights ago I was asked by the person I regularly dog sit for if I could babysit for a friend. I primarily babysit, do i said yes and it was for yesterday and today. Last night I was only there for 4 hours but it was so exhausting. There's two kids with a ton of every and they do not get along nor do they... show more

We do have a restroom, but it's for employees, not interviewees. Why do millennial feel so entitled to use it that they ask before or after the interview? Typically they only have to wait a couple of hours for the interview. They should be able to hold it until they leave.

How much will my job pay me ?

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I m 18 & I work @ UPS, I work part time from 5-11. I make $10 an hour. So far I ve worked 2 days so I m thinking that $120, my brother is saying that temporary part time is bad and will pay somewhere near $40-$60 a week. I work 5 days a week so that s hard to believe making $10 and hour. I m still in school so... show more

Why don't companies put their exact location on job listings?

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I'm looking for a job right now and none of the companies list their address in the listing. So if there are several location in my city how am I supposed to know which one it is. It's not worth me wasting my time applying for a job on the other side of town. Also why don't they list the amount of hours... show more

How do YOU look for a job?

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Employment application: Was this restaurant manager rude or just being honest?

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Okay I'm not going to say the name of the restaurant but I've been going there for a while now and I really enjoy their food, but I'm also looking for a job, so I decided to apply for a job there. I filled out my application online, and two days later I called wishing to speak with a manager to follow... show more

Best answer: I think your main mistake is putting all your eggs in one basket. I’d have tried for other similar estableshments. Why they didn’t want you - I can’t possibly say. It may be your interview style, your hygiene or maybe that they were jealous of you. Or maybe they thought they needed someone but hired tbe bosses... show more

Do you still write a cover letter for a job that you are not fully qualified?

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Best answer: "I know it is no harm to include one" Actually, most of the cover letters I receive hurt the applicant's chances, or are neutral at best. Most people have no clue what a cover letter is for. They fill them with silly platitudes and waste my time by rehashing their resume. It's very rare I... show more

Boss bullying me?

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Best answer: Either buck up or report it -- but know that there could be consequences if you do (even companies who have strong whistle-blower and no-retaliation policies struggle with retaliation). Do you have any witnesses? If not, it's a he-said she-said situation. I would start by documenting everything. Dates, details,... show more

Are you good at your job?

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Best answer: Yeaaa

Best answer: Listen to me. if you can find a good school for TRUCK DRIVING in your area, let them teach you with the proper 18 wheel equipment. Allocate a good two months to learning everything there is to know. You don't have to worry about sexual harassment if you walk tall and carry a big stick. Make a promise to... show more

Resigning after a promotion...what do I say?

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About two months ago I took a promotion at work. It’s been pretty miserable. 12 hour days, no training, no guidance, no work/home life balance. I was offered an amazing job for another company. How do I work this in my notice without seeming like a jerk or being made out to be an idiot?

Best answer: It is best to accept the lower paying job to pay your bills until you secure the higher paying one.

i actually got hired 3 jobs the past 5 months, and i left all of them during the middle of work due to emotional discomfort around coworkers and people as well as self negative thoughts

Why do people never mention truck driver as an alternative to college?

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People always say learn a trade, but what about Truck driving? Not all trucking jobs are away from home weeks at a time, many are local home everyday and some can pay in the 50k-60k range from what I have researched. Also, driving is fun as opposed to sitting in an office all day dealing with people. What do you... show more

I am a extremely hard worker I do my part and everyone else part too I work for krogers and he just came up and said I need you too get down there and scrub the bathroom floor drain hole with a tooth brush or something I just cant make my self do it so he said he was going to put his pen to the paper and I said go... show more

Best answer: Unless it was something job related, the employer would not care and would hopefully just hang up on you. --- edit based on your update --- "Danger in real life".....if there is a *real* concern about this putting someone else in danger at work, then it is something that could be discussed nicely with... show more

I have been doing a lot of mistakes at my workplace?

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My appraisal is cancelled . How do I deal with this? People don't appreciate all the good stuff I have done, one slightest mistake and I have been criticized and humiliated in front of others. I have severe anxiety and now I'm really scared of my boss. How do I deal with this?

If you fail at school does it mean crummy jobs for the rest of your life?

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