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What is a good amount of a raise to ask for?

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I've worked at my job for almost five years now and was promoted to manager three years ago. I've gotten one raise the entire time I've been there because the boss rarely does reviews because she says she "doesn't have time". I just found out that all new hires are starting in making the... show more

Ive walked out of two retail jobs and now I’m trying to find a job while going to college just to pay bills and I just am finding it very hard to find a job, so far I had one interview in a couple weeks and didn’t hear back from them. I know walking off is terrible, but how much of an impact does it have on jobs... show more

Did I quit my job in the right way?

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I sent my boss a text and basically explained that the job is too stressful for me (I was working as a dog bather) and I wanted to quit. I also explained that I just haven't been mentally healthy lately and working there has been making me so much worse. I also told her that I could work a couple more weeks if... show more

So, I am currently working a minimum wage job but I want to find a closer one. If I were to scheduele an interview, should I mention that I can t start the job until two weeks because I have to give in my two weeks notice at another job? I feel like that soundsa bit rude in a way.

I recently resigned from my job and am one week into my four week notice period. I just discovered that they’re advertising my job as two full time roles, both with a higher salary than I’ve been getting. I’ve worked at the company for three years and have always worked super hard (which is proven by the fact they... show more

What not to do on a job interview?

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Would You Be Upset if Your Kid Was Working at a Store After College?

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My daughter studied marketing/fashion in college. I wanted her to become a lawyer, doctor, PR person, actress, SOMETHING.... Instead she ended up as an assistant department store manager. Is that bad? It's retail. Should I be embarrassed?

Best answer: Talk to the manager and let him know your deal. If you can’f do the schedule - resign.

Can you make a decent living being a janitor and security guard?

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I just don't got time for college and student loan debt.

Boss not calling me back?

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Im 26 (female) and I currently work 38hrs a week in a supermarket. I have been there for about 14 months, I am now looking for another job to get out of there. About a week ago the old manager that used to run the store I’m currently at called me up and asked me if I wanted another job working on the weekends in... show more

Should I switch shifts with my coworker?

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One of my coworkers texted me and asked if I’d switch shifts with him tomorrow. I’m originally scheduled to work in the morning and he wants me to take his closing shift. I don’t really want to because I have an opening shift the next day. Also his reason for wanting to switch is because he’s getting a new phone... show more

I have no job, no life, no real skills except getting by, who will employ me?

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Best answer: You have to develop skills, aptitudes, be able to do something of value which an employer is willing to pay for. It's up to you to make yourself employable.

How do I quit a babysitting job after agreeing to help long term?

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Hi, I recently went for an interview with a family for a babysitting job once a week. They said they found someone and didn't need me. I replied back saying if they needed me I'm available ect. She replied back saying yes I'll give you a date, however they replied yesterday, and looking at it the date... show more

What is the worst job you have ever had?

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Best answer: Phoenix Arizona summers are no joke. I lived there for 19 years. I’d say mine was when I working as an electrician apprentice. Long hours and little pay. I did it for two years and 4 months.

Would you wake up at 3am to start work at 4am in a supermarket?

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Best answer: No, that's horrible and the way they work now is horrible, there's no need for them to open all night.

Talk about awful timing, right? Okay so here are the details. I've been employed with this company for 4 years. 5 weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to fly out to the west coast to attend a 4 day seminar offered by a planning software/ system company that we will be implementing next year. All expenses are... show more