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Do tires matter?

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An extra key to use if you lock yourself out. Is this possible?

Would you buy a car with "Check Engine" "Maintenance Required" "ABS" or "TPMS" on?

Time to get rid of car?

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I have a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix w/ 168k miles. I bought the car in May 2018 w/ 144k miles and have put so many repairs and replacements into it that I've gotten to the point where I don't think the car is worth keeping too much longer. Here is the list of what I've done to it thus far... show more

Mirror on 2018 Toyota Tacoma broke off and dealer wants $1000 to replace it. Is this a ripoff?

I woke up to this

My check engine light came on and I went to get a free diagnosis at Autozone. I got the paper for it of what is wrong ect. I called a auto repair shop and I told them what was wrong with the car. They kept avoiding it as I didn t know what I was talking about. I told about the paper of the diagnosis.They said... show more

I don't see why you should change the radiator, power steering, brakes, blinker or transmission fluids.

How did shadetree mechanics and new car dealerships diagnose things years before diagnostic code readers and check engine lights was made?

Best answer: A fuse box can never fail. You have to check each individual part to see why it doesn't work. If you don't know what to look for or how to tell if a part is bad, then you need to hire a mechanic.

Best answer: First of all your vehicle came from the factory with a perfectly good CAI. It's just plastic instead of shiny chrome. Those cleanable filters have an oil mist on them that migrates to the MAF sensor wires and ruins MAF sensors. I'd save your money towards a cat-back exhaust system. That's the only... show more