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No. There I said it.

Can you explain what conformity is?

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Who looks better?

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Best answer: kendall

Best answer: Sure. All you have to do is find somebody who's good at animating, but needs ideas.

So, There's 2 Atheists. Atheists 1 and Atheist 2. Atheist 1 Gets a deal from atheist 2. They meet up with each other and atheist 1 pays atheist 2 for the deal that was made. Soon, atheist 1 realizes he's been conned so brilliantly. Finding where atheist 2 lives, a few months later, he sues atheist 2 for... show more

Best answer: A global majority do, but a small percentage claim that it is a conspiracy by the world's scientists. We call these persons creationists, which is code for imbeciles.

How to use the word perfunctory?

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Can you say you did a very perfunctory job? How can you use it???

If not a name, then maybe more pictures of them?

my mother is a devout catholic and very into this book called 'urantia' and strongly believes it is the truth about everything...i'm catholic and have never read it, but from the sounds of it, i don't think it would be a book i could understand as it is a very thick book too with complicated... show more

Everyday I'm furious at everyone. I can't do the things I love anymore because all I can think is how all my effort is going to waste or that my perception is so warped that I can't even tell what's good anymore so thus what I'm creating is bad and I'm doing a disservice to my... show more

Best answer: I believe it is more a byproduct than a source. I recall a story about Ernest Hemingway bristling when a young literary journalist asked him to explain the meaning of one of his stories. "Meaning?" Hemingway growled. "Everything I wanted to say is on those pages. It means exactly what I wrote. I... show more

Is this sketching consider anime?

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