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I HAve always been an introvert since I was very young and now I wonder, after spending some time reading and watching videos online about introverts, is it a GOOD THING to be an introvert? I know, a lot of people make fun of us and say we have no social skills, don't like talking to people, are boring,... show more

Isn’t that kind of biased / one sided?

Why are smart men avoiding women in the workplace in todays world..????

Is a man less of a man if he doesn't work with his hands?

9 answers · Gender Studies · 14 hours ago
I was raised in a family where a man is considered less if he doesn't work with his hands, or uses gloves while landscaping or carpenting.

Best answer: I give them the silent treatment. P.S. - I don't care if extroverts want to diminish introverts. It's annoying but what can you do? There will always be people who object to anyone who is even slightly different than normal but those are the people who are weak. People talk about respecting... show more

Can I get him for child support if I got pregnant on purpose?

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Best answer: I think that you did an irresponsible thing. Then, again, the man equally did an irresponsible thing for sleeping with you without a commitment. It is called fornication on both ends. Your sin is as good as his as long as you did not rape him. He made the decision to be a dad when he dipped his organ inside of you.... show more

Am I self righteous if I think everyone is stupid?

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Best answer: We were once ashamed of our sin but now there is no shame. I can see why God has wrath to pour out in the end. People back then felt bad and turned their lives around after they messed up, but today they proudly post about all their shameful things on the internet and everyone in their family and all their friends... show more

Best answer: We still need someone to work in concrete factories and they could take over the being expendable role that men have filled for thousands of years.

Facebook is mentioned 81 times in the redacted report; by comparison, Ivanka Trump’s name comes up just 15 times. Other platforms that merited a mention include Twitter (68), Instagram (7), Google (6), YouTube (5) and Tumblr (1) we re all just pissing in the wind here folks

I'm interested in history...

Why do humans enjoy talking with one another?

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Like, what kind of stimulation do people get from speaking with others? What motivates that Korean guy to learn and become fluent in Spanish? Or that American girl to learn Mandarin? Or that Spaniard girl to learn Korean? Or that Japanese girl to learn English? What do people get from all of this?

She definitely couldn't have done anything without men. I'm certain the men in that room were like "you have it all, we don't want a fair share of the cake because men have been so dominant throughout history, it's time for a change". What do you think?

Why are there so many more women in college than men?

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Even though men out perform women in math and science, women are 36 percent more likely to apply to university than their male peers and gain a bachelor’s degree than men in the U.S. and the UK Why?

Best answer: Heck - there's a difference between every person and EVERY other person on the PLANET! And the difference isn't minor, either.