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I suck at figuring out the genres of books and I have no idea what reading category I fall into! My favorite books are: Life of Pi - Yann Martel Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbovsky God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie Debartolo It - Stephen King Percy Jackson series - Rick Riordan The Hunger Games series -... show more

I’m writing a book that takes place in salem and is about witches and warlocks and I want my characters to have unusual mysterious and dark sounding last names that to separate them apart from my non witch/warlock characters like I have a witch character who’s name is Scarlett Blackwood and is called Star for... show more

1- I was blessed with the job to protect the one I love and treasure the most. My first and only love, someone who I could never have, or even imagine to have..yet the feelings I had for her couldn't be erased no matter how much I tried. But with circumstances, I had to make the person I love run away with... show more

Why don't like the book I wrote?

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Alright so I've recently been writing a book series, it's not the first time I've done this, I've written books as a hobby before. Anyway this series is going well and all , but for some reason I feel like the first book is weaker than the second and third. I learned a lot about writing,... show more

Best answer: well it won't be in the science section. there is no evidence yet of aliens

Seven years ago, I left my two laptops (that weren't working) back in Tennessee. In my own opinion, I was getting so much better than when I started out writing. I had ideas for episodes of two TV shows I had created. I had ideas for movies. That hurt me and there was no such thing as writing in the future... show more

I’m currently working on a story that’s set during the medieval time period. I started using contractions but then got to thinking, I believe contractions weren’t used until 1600. So while writing the story should I refrain from my characters using contractions while speaking?

Best answer: None - just fragments that you are told to read.

Best answer: It was actually mentioned in the book that the Sorting Hat did seriously consider Ravenclaw for her. The sorting isn't based purely off intellect though, it examines your overall character. In the end it decided she was a better fit for Gryffindor.