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Okay, so I noticed that whenever I read a book let's say The Book Thief. I don't know half the words in there. Like, every couple sentences I have to stop and look up a word. Is that normal?? Or is it just me?

Either showing Scrooge and Bob Cratchet beyond the scope of the story or The spirits working on another mans dreams.

Just read the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independance, presidential speeches from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, or books from similar eras, and then compare that to todays literature. Don't get me wrong I'm not comparing the average person to geniuses. But don't you think authors (who have... show more

Best answer: They care more about illegals than Americans. They've proven that.

Best answer: A Man Called Ove Tuesdays with Morrie The Five People You Meet in Heaven The Catcher in the Rye Nineteen-Eighty-Four

About a loss, not heartbreak or pets.

I personally was never one to skip cause my mom was scary so i can t think of any other than I felt sick. but i need at least 2 more. please help

Best answer: I would name it maybe mixed tales, mixed genres meet in one book, or something like that. I think naming novels is easier than short stories. I personally think the cover is the hardest part. It have to stand out.

A friend of mine is having a birthday soon and I'd like to get a print made of a book we both worked on together when we were young. I just want one physical copy of it. The problem is there are some characters from our favorite show in it and I don't want to have it published because of copyright issues.

Best answer: Liberals hate everybody. Skin pigmentation or lack thereof doesn't matter to them. Probably why all the liberal dudes like to put their #$%* in other men's pooey #$%*

Hi, I m campaigning to help get a six-year old elephant named Suman rescued. I ve had the idea to write and publish a book about her, a fictionalised version of her story. It starts with Suman being born in a circus. The circus is shut down due to allegations of animal cruelty. She is then used in a TV programme... show more

Best answer: Your editor is correct unless you haven't given us the whole story. An editor can suggest that you do more research on a certain point, or rewrite something to make it clearer or tighter, but their job is not to 'add details'. or do the rewriting themselves That's the job of the author. If you... show more

some of my friends think so but I don't know

I love writing Fanfiction and stuffing them with OCs but I think I will screw up and make a Mary Stu or Gary Stu How do I know if I made one

im really bored the story does'nt have to be real

Best answer: Adrienne is the female version. Adrian is the male version.