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I heard that somewhere

I was watching a documentary and this German guys keeps saying Hitlerdeutschland what does that mean?

Best answer: YES its a historical fact if you actually look into ti and check the real facts..

Best answer: They died in tormented and prolonged deteriorating health . Skeletal evidence supports the ugly statement. Life is good in modern times! (If you live in a developed nation!)

The USSR under VI Lenin and Joseph Stalin was just as brutal, genocidal, and murderous, if not worse than the Tsar Monarchy. Why do people act like it was actually better under Lenin and Stalin when it was actually worse?

Both were Marxist-Leninist but China thrived while the Soviet Union failed?

Best answer: No one should be the victim of the Holocaust!

He had to have above average intelligence to never get caught by 1888 police or even identified so I figure that he was definitely an upper classman like a surgeon or doctor. Oddly fascinating. British people perhaps don't realize how famous he is outside of England with big knife, black cape, black top hat.

Who did the 9/11?

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Why did the economy crash in 2008?

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Best answer: Today I couldnt afford her.