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Who was at fault in this accident ?

21 answers · Cricket · 2 days ago
So the other night I was backing out of a parking spot. I looked behind before I started backing up and the coast was clear so I started backing out I then turned my head to make sure I wasn’t about to hit the car next to me and I was good so I kept going a little more next thing I know bam I hit someone’s car. At... show more

What team is the best in the nba right now?

11 answers · Basketball · 2 days ago

What is the name of this semi-automatic pistol?

10 answers · Polls & Surveys · 7 hours ago

Best answer: Have to laugh at Celtic fans thinking Edouard was better than Morelos. The days of them winning easily are over.

Where will Le’Veon Bell play in 2019?

14 answers · Football (American) · 23 hours ago

Now that Titans scorched Patriots 34-10, what is wrong?

23 answers · Football (American) · 3 days ago
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans welcomed the New England Patriots to town, and then sent them packing with a dominating performance. The Titans won 34-10 on Sunday at Nissan Stadium in a game they never trailed. They took control early, and never looked back. Are patriots falling apart?

Best answer: I liked him, I thought he could've had a great singles career, I guess he was in the wrong place.

Is it possible to teach yourself any martial arts?

14 answers · Martial Arts · 4 days ago
I know you need a teacher to do it effectively but, just the basics

What is an unpopular football opinion that you have?

10 answers · Football (American) · 1 day ago
American football

Are Manchester United 1st or 2nd yet ?

12 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago
Best answer: Neither....and they won't reach either spot until they spend money and get a decent manager...

How hard is it to re-blue a gun barrel?

10 answers · Hunting · 2 days ago
I have a 70 year old 30/30 Savage I have hunted with since I was old enough to hunt. The bluing is getting wore off in a few spots with a few light rust spots. I want to get one of those kits to re-blue the barrel. Are these kits hard to use and how hard is it? Thanks!

In the past you'd rarely hear of this, now you hear about a concussion or injury are other day it seems. Apparently, Nia Jax stiffed Becky causing her to be cut open during the brawl on Raw. What's your opinion on this?

Remember when Man Utd were a force to be reckoned with ?

16 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
I thought BIG clubs could ride a storm and come back fighting ? lol, not this shower of sh*t; all that success Fergie bought is history and no man can rescue Utd from mediocrity can they ?

There are some stories on the news that talks about hikers being mauled by forest beats.

Best answer: It could happen any time from that point onward.

Who will win the super bowl?

9 answers · Football (American) · 4 hours ago
My money is on the hawks.