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Best answer: Unemployed or jobless are the most appropriate and common terms used.

What does being "cordial" mean?

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Best answer: As a new century approached, it was necessary to address issues of obesity by conducting a meeting.

Is the plural of moose meese?

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I’m from Nottingham and he’s from Liverpool so we’re both kinda north. He says “go up to London” where as I’d say “go down to London”. He says that he’s right because it’s the capital so you say up but I don’t agree because you are literally traveling south do it would make more geographical sense to say down.

Best answer: Of course the 'fiddle' here is the colloquial name for violin. 'Fit' didn't originally mean healthy and energetic, in the sense it is often used nowadays to describe the inhabitants of gyms. When this phrase was coined 'fit' was used to mean 'suitable, seemly', in the way we now... show more

What did he mean?

Which word is correct?

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If any problem happens, notify us immediately so we (will / can / could) come and sort things out. Thanks!

Best answer: Answer D. Ja-ko-bee is how I'd pronounce it. If you use a c instead of a k, people will be tempted to say Jacob, then with ee sound at the end.

What does it mean? Safekeeping?

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Best answer: It means to keep the item safe (i.e. hang onto it and not damage it). This is one of those rare words that means exactly what it says.

cus my gram told me that

1. He was a teacher when he was alive. 2. He was a teacher when alive. 3. He was a teacher while alive. Thanks!

I can say "He was a teacher when he was alive.", so can I say: 1 That person was a teacher when that person was alive. 2 Those people were teachers when those people were alive. And are they natural? Thanks!

What is meant by "twice monthly"?

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What does this idiom mean?

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It's been said we are in the eleventh hour, does this mean we have an hour till the end or do we have 13 hrs to go. What does this idiom mean is it an idiom or a prable