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Which sentence is more appropriate? Or are they any difference? (a) She is the most beautiful girl in this class. (b) She is the most beautiful girl of this class.

"She drank the Gatorade all by herself". Can it be shortened like the phrase "she fed herself"???

I'm reading "One,. Two, Buckle My Shoe" by Agatha Christie.published in 1940.where a pageboy of an apparent suicide victim, in detailing the visitor to his employer's office says the following, "Then I nipped down to the kitchen to get my elevenses." So to nip is a very British way of... show more

I’m giving 2 months worth of homemade baby food for baptism gift. I’ll be stashing it in the freezer real quick when I get to their house, so the card will be the only thing she’s opening from me during gift opening time. I don’t want her to immediately walk to the freezer to see, but I want to somehow give a tip... show more

What does this sentence mean?

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Best answer: i think you have the quote wrong. it probably is "I'd no sooner ..."

What does to "toots" mean?

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Best answer: To fart

Is a rifle a gun?

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My friend’s a 2* and I’m a 1* and she says a rifle is not a gun, I (and many others) say that a rifle is a type of gun...

Best answer: You haven't given us much context; but I think they were probably "collecting money (contributions from the public, usually money) for something". The 'something' at the end probably means the writer does not know or doesn't care much about the purpose of them collecting, either way... ... show more

What does it mean to have humanity?

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Which word is correct?

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Best answer: Onto. It is a contraction for on and to. I see many other answers... One person said upon. One person said on. One person say over. One person say to. The two on+to are right. Qnd my auto correct and word guessing says on to is a suggestion of next word after on.

Which sentence is correct?

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Best answer: Both are OK, but notice how the second version supplies a reason as to why the house is intact; the first version doesn't.

What rhymes with cigarette?

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Best answer: It's grammatically correct, however it's wordy. Being grammatically correct doesn't automatically equal being a good sentence. So here's a slightly different version: If you throw plastic into the ocean, seabirds may eat it and die because they can't distinguish plastic from food.

Just trying to figure out what the slang term could be used for