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Why is Michael Jackson so popular?

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Who is your celebrity crush?

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Go! Mine is Cole Sprouse! He is sooooo sexy!

I’ve noticed that there white and he was originally black, wouldn’t his blood still be considered “black” if that makes sense???

Best answer: I beg to differ have u seen Megan trainer

Best answer: She probably doesn't want the negative press, or MJ fans attacking her if she says anything negative The Jackson family are all about the money.They don't care if he did it or not.Michael was the cash cow. Janet would be cut off from the family if she dared say anything bad. Latoya believed he did it years... show more


Best answer: First I’ve heard of it. I grew up watching his movies. Amazing comedian. He and Dean Martin teamed up perfectly. Afterwards he focused on disabled children hosting the march of dimes telethon for many years. A true humanitarian.

Best answer: Matt Damon

Best answer: Being worth $100 million does not mean that they have this amount of money lying about as hard cash The total amount is tied up in investments, property, etc. Suddenly they have to find a large sum of money: $1 million. So they have to sell some investment , or borrow against some investment. But it is also... show more

To be honest, I hope he wasn't. I just don't find it credible for two men who alleged sex abuse to engage in a high-production documentary and show their faces to the world and be overly exposed. Most child sex abuse victims prefer to remain anonymous. I gotta admit though... what the men described as to... show more