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These youngins will stop at nothing for their love of Communism

Best answer: The first modern Democrat President was Andrew Jackson (#7). The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln (#16). Before them, the political parties were the Whigs, the Federalists, and the Democrat/Republicans.

Best answer: Roots are values of x for which y equals 0. When x is -3 or -1, the expressions x+3 or x+1, respectively, equal zero. Anything times zero is zero. Thus, when x is -3 or -1, (x+3) times (x+1) times anything is zero. y = (x+3)(x+1) is quadratic, so there's one answer. You can also multiply it by a constant,... show more

On interviews or documentary people will go: '' It was 2002 sept 12th me and my friend la la la... '' I've seen so many do this like how do you remember precisely what you've done when it was such a long time ago? Or are you just lying?

Best answer: The German army, navy and air force in the Nazi era were very strong, well trained, well equipped and well disciplined. They were greatly weakened by the time the USA eventually joined in WWII but their original strength and determination should never be underrated.

If it is hard to see during the day due to weather you should: A.Speed up to reduce the amount of travel time B.Make sudden stops C.Turn on your headlights

What rhymes with ********?

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Best answer: we can't say b o l l o c k s ??? b o l l o c k s | ˈbäləks | (also ballocks or bollix) plural noun British vulgar slang 1 the testicles. 2 [treated as singular] used to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance. means absolutely nothing to Americans, as far as slang goes. we don't use it and it's... show more

Best answer: It is a rare bully that is not a coward. My President is a rather common bully and hardly rare amid conservatives.

How common is the practice of?

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blocking people that offer dissenting viewpoints from answering or commenting? This seems to me a sign of weakness and bias.

Help! Political Science Question!?

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In the Hobby Lobby case, one element of the case that made the Obama administration's argument weaker is that they had already granted a number of ____________ to the ACA's requirement that health insurance coverage include coverage for birth control. In the Goldman v. Weinberger case ( 1986), when a an... show more

What is your height?

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I know this is a odd question but I'm doing a project in science.

4. Today, you are retiring.?

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You have a total of $411,016 in your retirement savings and have the funds invested such that you expect to earn an average of 7.10 percent, compounded monthly, on this money throughout your retirement years. You want to withdraw $2,500 at the beginning of every month, starting today. How long will it be until you... show more

Grammar check ?

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Best answer: "equipment" is a non-count noun. Don't use "a" with it. Or add "a piece of " "A pipette is a piece of equipment which I have never seen before." Adverbs like never, always, sometimes, etc. go between the first auxiliary and the rest of the verb phrase. "I have never... show more

A) greater rights and standards for labour unions B) regulations to prevent coroporate monopolies of essentials good and services C) fiscal and monetary policies to control fluctuations in the buisness cycle D) government-funded "cradle to the grave" social programs

Best answer: Democratic Socialists believe in a socialist republic that places controls on Capitalist markets due to certain classes of people being incapable of competing on a level playing field. In simpler terms, these individuals are usually either racist, sexist, or a both... but not in a hateful manner. They feel the... show more