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Best answer: A metaphor about you. It may help if we knew something about you.. But I'll give it a try. You could describe yourself as an ingredient in the recipe of life. I am but a grain of sugar in the cupcake of life. Or a star in the night sky. Many people see me, but few know much about me. Just take an... show more

Can someone explain me the rules as I have bad grammer. And some other major grammer rules you think I might be unaware of. Actually, I am writer with bad grammer and that's the reason I miss out on jobs. Can someone help me out. Plz Plz Plz.

Best answer: ASK THE TEACHER. You are not a social worker or a psychologist (I presume). You are a Teachers Assistant. Ask the teacher what she wants you to do, and assist in doing it. She may tell you to do more of exactly what you have been doing. But ask her. It is her class; let her take the lead.

Best answer: from 9:30 to 12:00 is 2.5 hours -------------------- it takes 2.5 hours to pick 1/3 of an acre The remain 2/3 of an acre will take twice as long which is 5 hours. ----------------------- She takes a 1 hour lunch at 12:00 which brings her to 1:00pm Then another 5 hours to pick the remaining 2/3 acres brings... show more

Best answer: Paper bags are needlessly wasteful. Get a lunch box or a reusable cloth bag.

The (negative (sic)) food chain?

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Best answer: Honestly speaking, there were no "scientists" in the bible. There were some people who worked for the head honcho who could possibly be construed as progenitors of the scientist, but the scientific method was born about a thousand years AD. So classification of the food pyramid was very basic. The... show more

Best answer: No. The present condition of education in this country is terminal.

A. Damages B. Contributory negligence C. Voluntary assumption of risk D. The standard of care

Best answer: This is a rate problem Convert to how much is done in a unit of time Drew builds a box in t hours Therefor 1/t of the box is built in 1 hour Eric builds in 3t hours    Therefor 1/(3t) is built in 1 hour Together they build a box in 5 hours    Therefor 1/5 of the box is built in 1... show more

Best answer: We got them from England. England changed to the metric system; the US didn't.

1/5 + 1/7 =?

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