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1. A dog hotel/daycare 2. A dog cafe 3. A adoptable cafe

Pros and Cons of being a plumber???

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Best answer: The toll it takes on your body. Unless the Master Plumber moves into a supervisory role at some point they will most likely need a new knee, shoulder, or some other body part by the time they get out of their 50s. All the trades are in high demand. We have neglected them in our education systems for 40 years... show more

Without checking my credit score but its bad.

How can i get women shirts online ?

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Best answer: no it is not

I mean the servers are needed to bring the food to the customers, but the kitchen workers are needed to even make the food period What is more important for the business? I know they are both important but which one is more important?

He's a licensed massage therapist and pilates instructor. A few months ago he had a brand new apartment. Painted a nice color, hardwood floors, incredibly clean and tidy. Brand new fixtures, looked like a show apartment it was so perfect looking and he was living there with his girlfriend. They had a large... show more

cried more than 15 times in the first month of work?

I don’t know what the go is, but I have a fantastic new business idea, never seen before. I have no skills or qualifications under my belt and i’m young. But can I take this idea to someone, and they launch it on my behalf and I still get paid for it? Thanks

Unfair payment at work?

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So at my work I’m a waitress we work on a floater system, Im new to this job and I’ve never seen it done this way in any other restaurant but I don’t think it’s fair.they explained to me as the restaurant has no tills we each have to provide £10-£20 out of our own money to use as change for customers, I’m going to... show more

Best answer: I use Quickbooks Point of Sale. Been using it for years. It ties in with the Tax accounting software I use every year and it makes everything SO MUCH EASIER. It tracks inventory, orders and allows me to create invoices and track payments and issue statements and even add interest on past due balances. ...Mine... show more

I’m wanting to start my own business one day. I’m currently drawing up the business plan. However, before I put everything I have into this I really want to know if it’s worth anything or if I’m heading in the wrong direction. Is there any one that I can pay to sit down, and validate my business idea and see if... show more

Best answer: No, it means that they are afraid that you will try to rip them off by giving them a fake low estimate and then charging them a much higher price.

Do most business owners have degrees?

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I’m currently in school, but I don’t know if it’s really for me. I want to be a multi business owner. Should I stay in school to get my four year degree? Or just finish my AA & pursue my own businesses. I do not like working for other people, so I don’t want to graduate & get a job at someone else’s... show more

Best answer: Payroll