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I'm 17 and really want to start a cleaning company that starts with doing end of tenancy cleaning and progresses into other things. How could I start this business. What things would I need. How would I do invoices and get clients? Can anyone help

and what is your business plan?

I'm tired of working retail. I want to try construction because I've been told it's a good field. What's a good way to start. I've been looking at sites for entry level, but they all want prior experience. So where is a good place to start?

I’m running a business in school as a project and I need a name for it. It needs to be catchy and memorable. Thanks!

Best answer: Beware of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing aka Network Marketing aka......a Pyramid Scheme). Before agreeing to anything, take some time and research. Young people are particularly vulnerable to MLM scams because they have never been exposed to it before. Where as, people have been trying to recruit me into things... show more

I ll be hosting an event to promote my business becoming official. For this event I ll be renting a home for some friends and family to stay the night. I ll be catering the event so there will be food, drinks, etc. Keep in mind I run my business alone. If I work with someone else I ll usually contract them. I m... show more

How does bookkeeping work?

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I ve been with this locally owned pet salon company for 6.5 years and started as a receptionist. The first year I worked as a receptionist. Then after a year I moved up to grooming but in order to be promoted to a groomer I had to sign a no compete contract saying I wouldn t groom or work for another pet related... show more

No negativity please. I’m 17 years old and at this point in my life I know I don’t want to work for ANYONE. I don’t know exactly what I wanna sell or anything but I do have hope! That everything will work out. I just know I want to resell!!

Best answer: You may be able to purchase the vehicle in the LLC's name with your personal guarantee of the loan. Check with your bank.