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I have a manufacturing company that produce customized product (electrical boxes and switchgears).each product is different from another and producing each product is like a new project. I want to know the name of this kind of business in english for use in marketing solutions

I am looking for business ideas that I can start for practically free. Any thoughts?

How to start bussiness?

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how long after i take a cashier money order that was from post office to clear. the bank told me up to 3 days to be sure that its real.

I want to start a clothing brand and have discovered that an existing clothing store that sells other people’s brands uses this name. Would I still be able to use this name considering this isn’t the name of an actual clothing brand? Or would this not be allowed because we would both be in the same industry... show more

I would like to start a buy and sell business, where I get things very cheap and sell them for more. Any suggestions on where I can begin to get my items this time of year?

So recently, I started a clothing brand. I am the sole owner. I financed the business on my own, but I asked a few friends to help me. My 1st friend helps me with sourcing materials, and fabrics. She also is the one in charge of computing expenses and net profit. She’s also the one in charge of talking to clients... show more

Hypothetically, if I wanted to open a restaurant, who would know about: - zoning laws (where i can open a restaurant) - permits to renovate the space into a restaurant - licenses to be able to sell food, etc. Would all of that be under the jurisdiction of a business lawyer?

Is it possible to make decent money?

Best answer: You said it's a loan. Record it as such. When they pay you back, then you offset the loan against the cash they give you. It is not your expense.

I'm trying to find some vintage words or slang preferably from the 40s that I can use for a bakery name. Any suggestions would be appreciated I've tried thinking of different words but none seem to work out

Best answer: Just find jobs & do them. Finding jobs is the hard part. Some are going to insist on a business license and liability insurance but many are not. I would not worry about getting licensed & insured unless and until you realize you are close to making a living at it. Worst case scenario is some regulator... show more

Unconstitutional food cottage laws?

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I am a business owner looking to transition my business into an online chocolate store, where I can sell to anyone in the United States. I am located in Oregon, and I realized I cannot get a food cottage license because it says its illegal to sell online and you cannot make more than $20,000 a year. That is... show more