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Best answer: That's a tricky little issue, but you should not send and refund. The description should have specified...I don't know if I would have read the certificate. Next time, post as a mini guitar.

Best answer: You operate more as an independent contractor if anything. I get where you are coming from knowing the job, but as long as you operate under a company you are not an entrepreneur in the true sense. Your agency still does a lot of the "paperwork" and calls a lot of the shots in the form of the rules you... show more

I've tried dog waking, babysitting, and a real job. I would mow lawns but I don't have the things to do so. (I would advertise my help and didn't even get a call back.)

Best answer: Depends what kind of business you're planning to run. If you're mowing lawns and walking dogs, then sure, maybe flyers would be a good way to start. But Most people just get pissed if you litter their neighborhood with flyers on mailboxes and telephone poles. If you're running a professional... show more

We hire paid interns to work with us for ~3 months of the year. While we have clunky laptops they can use, in the past we have found they hate them. They much prefer using their own Mac's, etc. We are considering allowing a BYOD policy and would want to provide a stipend of sorts if they elect to use their own.... show more

its say I own a buisness and my yearly income is 20,000 BUT my expenses are also about 20,000. thus my profit is 0.... will i still earn SS work credits, meaning 4 credits, even if my profit was 0 (I believe we need 40 credits in total needed to collect retirement)

I was charged twice for the same movie. The movie was around $5. I didn't realize this until I got home. So I went back to the store with my receipt and showed it to the clerk and she gave me a refund. However, I live 30 minutes away and it took me 30 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to get back. So rhat... show more

Future invention?

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Best answer: You are not selling any project until you can prove your idea is workable. That means either hiring an engineer/designer (who will not work for free) or creating a working prototype yourself )obviously, you need the proper education). Once you have a working prototype that proves proof of concept, you can then... show more

Best answer: The trend away from "Brick and mortar" shopping and towrd On Line shopping likely makes banks squamish about lending startup capitol for such ventuires. The one Retail category that is bucking the trend is Dollar Stores, and it is reflected by the three big chains and how they are opening more and more... show more

How do I become a dog walker?

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I am trying to become a dog walker but I have no idea where to start. I know that you can either be self-employed or I work for a company. I d rather start by being hired but I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know where I can get more information or where to go?

when I win the lottery, I will help animals. One of the ways I will do this is, I will buy a large meat producing company and when I buy it, as the owner, I will close the doors to that business and free all the animals.

How do I realistically fund a start up or buy an existing business without money.

I work for a small retail store and helped my boss start up a great blog. But she is running back and forth across the country and it's only me and another woman writing for the blog - my boss has never once written her own article for it. She can get really petty about the details, like getting outraged at us... show more

Bored out of my mind at work?

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I’m an apprentice hairdresser, some days I have many customers but other days not so much because my boss will only let me complete simple services. Thing is, there is nothing to fill up my 8 hour day when I don’t have customers. My other responsibilities include answering the phone and cleaning, but there’s only... show more