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I am 26 years old, without children and from a working-class family. I am currently a doctoral student in the field of Education. For the past decade or so, I've been in college and have continued to gain education. In the long-term, I want to become a professor/researcher. However, I really want to create my... show more

I have a 7am-5pm shift, on the register! (I hate the register because I have to deal with the rude customers) i hope I survive

Best answer: Amazon and other online shopping. More and more people are choosing to order products online. It costs a LOT of money to rent a building, pay for utilities, stock, employee, etc. The more locations a brand has, the more costs are involved. Online via a warehouse fulfillment model is more economical.

Please read?

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hi i am a 14 year highschool student. my best friend and i are looking into starting a business. my parents are business owners and would really like for me to start my own! i’m not talking about dog sitting, baby sitting, or tutoring. we would like to sell a product(s) or start a blog and do podcasts. leaning more... show more

Lives with boss?!?

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So I'm 24, I live with my parents, and they're the boss of me. We're starting a business together (which I don't want but need financially). They want me to work 10-12 hours per day every weekday and like 5-8 hours per day on the weekends. They get super mad if I try to take a day off or have an... show more

I’m selling a laptop for $1550 on eBay and I’m aware people can scam you if you don’t check for a delivery confirmation and a signature confirmation of items over $250 (or is it $750?). I already listed the item and can’t see how I make it so that those two things are needed. How would I do that? Do I have to start... show more

I plan on making a shop where i'll hire people to build pcs and sell them to people. Also we will already have the parts. What do we need to do if we want to make a brand or buisness and start a shop in the US Any tips ?

I plan on making a company where i buy phones from China and re-brand them and resell them in the US what do i need to do if i want to customize them and how do i start the business?, how much do i need? what if i get sued if the phone looks like other brands?

There's a small neighborhood market for sell and my wife and I want it. I have 10yrs experience working at on and my wife has about 8. We both work in the medical field and each have a AS degree. Neither of us studied business. We contacted the bank for a loan, and we were told to put together a business... show more

Been thinking...?

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Been thinking about opening up a storage unit business. I had a previous business same as this, but I sold it when I moved. It was very successful and I'd like to open up another one. ..

Why do fast food restaurants need to be franchised? Why not just let corporate control all of the restaurant locations instead?

buyer should have looked online to see if the item had that buyer before purchase the item what should i do?