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I want to sleep naked?

21 answers · Men's Health · 22 hours ago
So I want to sleep in my boxers or naked, but if my mom found out she'd flip. I can't lock my door because she'd question me. What do I do?

Trump 2020?

20 answers · Mental Health · 18 hours ago

I want to die?

31 answers · Mental Health · 3 days ago
Why do people who have everything to live for die and those like me with nothing to live for stay alive and suffer? I only want one thing and that’s to die

How to kill my self?

15 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago
I’m writing a book. How can I quickly kill my self? There’s no pills or anything, would going outside and getting hit by a car be the best option?

Why am I craving garlic?

6 answers · Diet & Fitness · 17 hours ago

Should I kill myself?

14 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
I’m 19, I just want to share my story, I really need proper advice on what to do, I’m sick of being stuck in this situation. I live in the South West of England, I have no GCSEs because I failed them all and got U grades, I don’t have any other qualifications either. I was kicked out off MPCT for bad attendance... show more

Can a 18 year old get cancer?

24 answers · Cancer · 2 days ago

Is it possible to lose at least 2kg in a week?

21 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
Just wanted to know whether it is possible to lose 2kg in a week, or is it not a realistic goal? Thanks

What are your thoughts on people who commit suicide?

43 answers · Mental Health · 4 days ago
I think it’s selfish to want someone to live in a world that they are unhappy in.

Im 13 years old and my penis is 13 it normal?

12 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago

Is taking a multivitamin beneficial?

18 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
Best answer: I think so, but I’m not sure. The nhs website says “Current UK guidelines advise everyone to consider taking a vitamin D supplement during winter. Women who are trying for a baby or are in the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy should take folic acid supplements. And vitamins A, C and D supplements are recommended... show more

Saint Patrick supposedly banished the snakes from their country?

The best way to loss weight - pls help me how to loss weight?

11 answers · Diet & Fitness · 1 day ago

I don't find virginity to be a very important issue personally, but coming from an Arabic and Muslim family, my parents (mostly dad) find the subject to be insanely important. In our (not REALLY mine honestly as I disagree with them) culture, a woman has no value if she's not a virgin at the time of... show more

Have you had more good days or bad days in your life?

13 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago