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What were VHS cameras used for?

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He’s six and has a better phone than me. The iPhone 6 Plus is very old and I just wanna know how I can convince my mom to get me a better phone so I don’t look stupid compared to my brother. (He has an iPhone and an iPad at only 6 yrs old) 😭 and I’m already a teen!

Is QLED the best HDTV to buy.?

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when you got tv over the air, you could switch channels in less than a second. but with my xfinity, the current channel freezes for 5 whole seconds. Also, what makes tv so expensive to [roduce that it has to be nothing but commercials? What the hell am I paying the cable company for? Wasn't cable originally a... show more

Yesterday I found an iPhone 7 when I was on my way home. The phone was just lying on the ground before I picked it up. There were scratches everywhere, however, the phone itself looks pretty new, just as if someone purchased it recently but wasn’t careful enough. I turned it on, but there was absolutely nothing —... show more

work related? Otherwise, why do they need to use those damn phones so much? I just got my first cellphone a few months ago! I hardly ever use it because I like my landline phone much better. I've had my landline since the 1990s! Who really needs a cellphone??? I don't!

How to reveal a stalker identity from his number?

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A stalker has been calling me for months and I always hang the call or ignore it,I have been tried true caller BT it didn t show his identity as the stalker s number wasn t connected to Google ,can anyone suggest how to hack that number to reveal the user identity without going to police or spending money on... show more

Is it possible to be born rich and famous?

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Best answer: Prince Charles. Princess William and Harry. etc. Royals are both rich and famous from birth.

So anyone have thoughts on DOOM eternal?

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When are the 2018 iPhones being released?

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Best answer: While you can use both CCleaner & Disk Cleanup, it's NOT RECOMMENDED to use them at the same time... mostly because they're going to be going over the same & will effectively step on each other's toes, causing your system to slow down until one of the stops running (either killed by you or it... show more

You're currently signed in with phone number?

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Can you somehow put a graphics card in a phone?

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Guitar Amp Help! Power Cable?

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Best answer: I tried to see if it has a voltage selector, but couldn't find the info. If it does, all you need to do is set it for 120 volts and use a plug adapter. Many items need internal wiring changes to set them for the correct voltage. This is a job for an experienced technician. Otherwise, you would need a... show more

How I ll change my mobile number?

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How much does the smartphone for kids cost in target?

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like 1.99 is 20 dollers