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What is a good amount of a raise to ask for?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 1 day ago
I've worked at my job for almost five years now and was promoted to manager three years ago. I've gotten one raise the entire time I've been there because the boss rarely does reviews because she says she "doesn't have time". I just found out that all new hires are starting in making the... show more

Why don’t developers build schools to increase property value?

16 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 24 hours ago
There is a lot of great land in bad neighborhoods close to downtowns of cities that could be used for middle class affordable housing. What stops developers from building gated communities there? What stops them is the fact that, most often, families avoid moving to bad neighborhoods because of bad schools (and... show more

What are ways to build credit?

7 answers · Credit · 1 day ago

Help! All of my vital information is missing!?

4 answers · Credit · 20 hours ago
So about a month ago my wallet was stolen with my state id, debit card, and insurance card inside it. I thought I'd go get a new instate id (moved from Texas to Washington a few months ago and hadn't gotten an instate id yet), turns out the birth certificate and social security card my grandparents handed... show more

Does renters insurance cover food?

11 answers · Insurance · 2 days ago
Our power went out due to a fallen pole from a crash. We had just gone grocery shopping the day before. The refrigerator was off for more than 15 hours. Is there anything I can do or is it just a loss?

Is it okay for my mom to takt my social security?

11 answers · Personal Finance · 7 hours ago
So my mom is on social security and I'm 16. I get about 200 dollors a month. I recently got a job and I'm going to open an account at the same bank that my social security is. She was saving it until they told her she should use it on US. I asked her today if we could put some of the money into my account... show more

Best answer: What clown keeps that kind of money in a bank? Only a fool would do that. I can get the money if I need it, but it's coming from somewhere that is paying me at least three times what banks are paying. That would take a week to receive a check, unless the need was dire and then it would be worth paying the $20... show more

Ive walked out of two retail jobs and now I’m trying to find a job while going to college just to pay bills and I just am finding it very hard to find a job, so far I had one interview in a couple weeks and didn’t hear back from them. I know walking off is terrible, but how much of an impact does it have on jobs... show more

Did I quit my job in the right way?

19 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
I sent my boss a text and basically explained that the job is too stressful for me (I was working as a dog bather) and I wanted to quit. I also explained that I just haven't been mentally healthy lately and working there has been making me so much worse. I also told her that I could work a couple more weeks if... show more

My landlord haven't given me a lease since march of 2018. I'm moving out in November, I don't want to pay because It haven't been a month since I last payed him. I will pay him for the half month I've lived here. Im just wondering if he can send eviction?

Can I buy land and live in an RV on it?

16 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
I am in deep financial debt and want to cut back as much as I can. Truth be told, I can live fairly simply. My uncle has an old RV he'd love to get rid of, I could get solar panels, buy a compostable toilet, and land out in the country is dirt cheap. I was thinking I could buy an acre, park it back off the... show more

So, I am currently working a minimum wage job but I want to find a closer one. If I were to scheduele an interview, should I mention that I can t start the job until two weeks because I have to give in my two weeks notice at another job? I feel like that soundsa bit rude in a way.

I recently resigned from my job and am one week into my four week notice period. I just discovered that they’re advertising my job as two full time roles, both with a higher salary than I’ve been getting. I’ve worked at the company for three years and have always worked super hard (which is proven by the fact they... show more

I need $200 in my bank now!?

14 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago
Best answer: Sell something or multiple things of value, like electronics. Your computer/laptop/tablet/phone would probably get you that $200. You could ask 10 friends to each loan you $20.

Why r my parants stupid.?

13 answers · Personal Finance · 1 day ago
My mum keps askin me 2 do things around the house lik cookin and ironin and washing dishes as well as cleaning the whole bathroom and walking the dogs and ... I feel lik her slaive bcause she won't even let me hav money for it. I wanted an iphone 6 and she wont buy me one so I've asked for pocket money and... show more

paying rent for those 3 years since he not legaly dead the property wont go to anyone till hes declared dead so shouldnt i as tenent not have to pay rent just curious no danger

How can one live on $9,000 per year?

16 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago

I didn t give him my pin or the number on the back of the card. It was an indian guy too. He kept asking me if I had another card available. Am I in trouble?