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Best answer: Yes, you have to disclose. Large cash deposits or purchases are indicators of illegal activity, like drug sales, money laundering, etc. Your line of business would be perfectly legitimate, but you need to have documentation of where that money is coming from. Photographs of what you are selling. Bills of Sale... show more


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How can I find a job?

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My landlord is taking me to court what should I do ?

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I start my new job next week. It’s sad but I owe him 2 months worth of rent can’t beileve I let myself get behind like this. All together I owe him 1500 dollars. It’s August 14th. I owe him July and August I’m honestly not going to be able to make that up in 2 weeks. I need a month at least. Do you think he would... show more

I am month-to-month tenancy at a trailer community in Concord, North Carolina. On July 12th my husband wrote out a 30-day written notice in front of someone at the Concord office saying that we were leaving the property. The landlord company, which is in Virginia, is saying that our 30-day written notice was not... show more

So for my birthday, my uncle gave me $100 in a single bill, which is awkward because I like to use smaller bills like $20’s. Can I go to a bank and break the 100 into smaller bills? I don’t have a bank account either so will they let me? Do I need an ID of any kind?

Why don't they just let California burn?

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I need to find a way to come up with a million dollars fast, please help, time is of the essence

I always hear of people buying their home for 170k way back when and the same home being worth 300k now. Has this increase in home value reached it's peak? If I buy a home today for 250k will it be worth much more in the future or just a little bit more?

WITHOUT a parent or legal guardian

How to move to a new city with no money?

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How do you move to a new city (such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, or Seattle) where you don't know anyone, don't have a job or housing lined up, and the only money you have is for a plane/bus ticket there and for a days worth of food? How can you get housing there and a job quickly/easily?

Do employers care about driving record for non-driving related jobs?

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Long story short, I had a fast car in college and racked up a lot of speeding tickets, a reckless driving and a couple accidents. Immature and stupid as hell. I have since not even had so much as a parking ticket in the last three years, but my driving record looks really bad on paper until things fall off in... show more

Best answer: Because of their religious beliefs, they were one of the first religions banned by the Nazi German government in 1933. That was simply because they saw their obeisance and their obligation to a higher law, the law of God. As a result of this, they were persecuted as mercilessly as Jews and Gypsies and placed in... show more

How does investing in stock work?

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Best answer: The answer is "Yes" if you meant those amounts to be all in the same currency. ----- ----- ----- When you buy shares of stock, you are then one of the owners of that company. As part owner, the company’s land, buildings, machinery, inventory, debts and earnings belong to you. If you have chosen a... show more

Why do lenders ask about your rent ?

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They ask about how much are we paying for rent. I mean, we can easily nkt say the truth. So whata the point?